Tuesday, September 30, 2014

10 things I am teaching my kids that I learned the hard way (PART 2)

I actually wanted to stick to my original 5 (see Part 1) but as I was listing down my top life lessons, I knew I just had to write a sequel.

And you know sequels...they better top the original or they will forever be remembered in history as a flop.

So without further ado (tan-tananan!!!!!), here are more lessons I learned the hard way which I hope you learn from too.

6.  Say thank you, please, I'm sorry, you're awesome  and I love you  -- and make sure you mean it !

My mom was never expressive.  She said it will make us tougher so I grew up longing for affirmation.  
I remember  just a couple of years ago my boss wrote, "good job" in a report I made and I cried.
My seatmate found it weird ---but he thought, being weird came natural to me.  So he let me weep my tears of joy in peace.

I am now a mom myself, and have handled a lot of people under me---despite this, I am not afraid to say I am sorry when I am wrong; thank you when I am appreciative; you are awesome when somebody is and I love you to people who are dear to me.

Kids nowadays think its uncool to be expressive. But  I prefer being nice to being cool.  Besides I'm labeled more as hot than cool anyway.  

(Now this is where you affirm me as I post a hot picture of me emoting)

My gosh, why is the aircon broken again?!  I'm so hot!

                                             7.  Do not let a pimple call your face home
      Just like bullies, you nip it in the butt at the very onset.

Or else they will leave a permanent scar on your life.

I know my oily genes…so I just really hope my girls get their skin from their dad.  But just in case, I always remind them to make sure their face is clean.  And if an acne is cystic—dear have it injected.

8.  Treat everyone with kindness

People who know me can all attest that I treat everyone equally.  I respect people for their hard work, honesty, intelligence and kindness.

Remember the golden rule--treat people the way you want to be treated.

If people are rude - be kind.  If people are mean - be kind.  If people are difficult, be kind---kill them with kindness.

In pranic healing we are taught to treat everyone with loving care and kindness and by doing so we attract good karma and energy.  If kindness fails, refer to lesson number 1 (   Part 1 ) and call your crazy mom to deal with the situation---with kindness :)

9.  Spend but Save but Spend but Save....

My mom always told me, you know things were tough when you were growing up so I always had to borrow money which I pay for in my next salary and borrow again...

Its a vicious cycle.

I wanted to get out of that.  I saved, saved, saved.  I lived (not within) but below my means and only bought things I needed. When things were good, I saved.  When things were tight, I saved.

(I remember in my early 20s, it was storming and I rode a crowded bus to a meeting because I didn't want to spend on parking in Makati---grabeeeee that was how much I deprived myself to save).

That was until the P1M car I was buying and selling got carnapped , Bank of Paranaque  and BMS Bank closed simultaneously with my savings  and a lot of people I trusted ran away with borrowed money.  I realized, OMG I've deprived myself for too long only for other people to take advantage of my blood, sweat and tears savings?!!!! I cried.  (Yes iyakin po ako) and cried some more.  But that was spilled milk I could not take back.

So I picked myself up and saved again.  This time, not depriving myself of little joys like clothes or staycations that make me happy.

I  will still not buy the new Iphone 6 or an expensive gadget.  I  will still not splurge on an expensive bag and yes I will still google and google and google for the best buys,investments and opportunities out there.  But coupled with that, I vowed also that I shall not rely on other people for my needs or wants.

Work hard and enjoy the fruits of you labor.  But save for the future.

To my daughters, it's either that or you marry the son of Prince William.

10. Eat slowly and savor every bite

Jun is lucky enough to have the thin gene but I also noticed that he also enjoys his food by eating slowly.  He eats quite slow, he chews quite slow, and he swallows quite slow...zzzzzzzzzzzz

By the time he finishes his half cup rice, I have already eaten the whole contents of the rice cooker---and finished my dessert.

Note that we both get the feeling of fullness at same time.  The result, I'm 20 pounds heavier than he is.  (Braso ko pa lang, binti na nya).

Me: Daddy, if you really love me, please carry me! 
Jun told me to forego my diet, just that moving forward, I should learn to eat everything with a knife or a chopstick so that I will get to eat slower.  Or perhaps try to decipher the ingredients or spices used in the food as I chew.  I tried it once and I wanted to poke him with my chopsticks.

Anyway, starting a good habit is never too late.  Enjoy food and enjoy life.  And hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

Love and Kindness,

Mommy Gail

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