Friday, September 5, 2014

8 Reasons Why You Should and Should Not go to CANYON COVE


1. It's affordable.  The Metrodeal  50% Promo is Always Available at P2999.00 for an overnight stay.

Note: Rooms are priced P5800-P9000 in their official website.

2. It's not so far.  You don't have to pay for airfare.  Directions are pretty simple. Don't be deceived tho, the arrows saying to Nasugbu and to Wawa is a long drive.  I thought it was near Tagaytay but we spent almost 2 hours (my hubby drives slow) from Tagaytay to the resort.

Don't worry tho, when you get to the resort, you wont waste time looking for a parking space because there's ample parking for all their guests.

photo from mynameiswie 's blog

3.  The rooms are big.  A standard room has 2 twin beds or a king  size bed with a bonus  extra bed by the window.  1 room can accommodate a family of 4 with a yaya.  (Note:  Their website says they charge for the 3rd adult but I know 5 friends who were able to stay in one room without paying for the extra 2 guests).   Para-paraan lang yan.

Room shot from their website

My husband being all senti --or just tired from the long drive.

My girls swimming on the bed before heading for the pool.

4.  The Sand  -  It's no Boracay but it is the best we've been to in Batangas.

That lump beside your foot Sasha better be a rock and not---- what I think it is.
(It's a Rock guys!)

5.  It's Photogenic.  If you are a picture addict like me, you will enjoy the fact that there are a lot of photo worthy areas.

photo from their website

I can just blend with my background.
6.  There is a playground.  It's not well maintained but my girls are not choosy.   (Yung dalawang yun basta madulas magsslide...Ako naman basta makulay pipicturan).

7.  Water activities available.   (Pedal Boat : P300 / 30 min and P600 / 1 hour  & Kayak P250 / 30 min and P450 / 1 hour)

8.  The sunset is awesome!  And what's a trip to the beach without a sunset shot.

The mandatory sunset shot (with wind blown hair)

And the mandatory beach jump shot (na walang kinalaman sa sunset)


1.   The FOOD!  It's AWFUL and EXPENSIVE.  And since you cannot bring food inside nor eat outside the premises (the nearest fastfood / restaurant is not near ---does that make sense ) then you have no choice but to eat what is available.

This costs 350 php!  It would have been ok if it at least tasted good but it tasted like cardboard.

2.  The hallways were spooky! It was a loooooong walk to the room and every time you get that eerie feeling someone is watching.  

That didn't stop photo addict me from posing tho.

I am watching you mwahahahaha!!!!  (fade in horror soundtrack here)

3.  Kids are only allowed in a small section of the pool so imagine how much of other people's bodily fluid your children will partake while swimming---Ewwwwww....(this is much scarier than the creepy hallway)!

Sky: Mommy please don't let me go in there!

This photo does not do the crowd justice!  Siksikan parang may sale sa kiddie side of the pool.

4.  It's old.  Yes it's renovated but its still old. 
Its the resort I am referring to ok and not the guy in the middle who is turning 50 soon!

5.  There was no WIFI in the rooms.  And since I am the Wifi Girl of Globe this is unacceptable.

I want WiFI!!!!!

6.  The guard at the vehicle entrance will give you a stub indicating how many people you are and how many rooms you availed of.  So if you are thinking of sneaking in an extra person --forget it.  Unless you are extra sneaky (like the 5 friends I mentioned earlier).

Photo from myphotodiary's blogspot :)

7.  The lobby (and everywhere else) was always crowded...

Photo from voxpassionata.  
8.  ...with Jologs!  (Jologs:  verb/noun: A Filipino slang term associated with the masses)

My yayas are self proclaimed jologs :) me---kya nag major meeting de avance  kaming lahat sa Canyon Cove.
I tell you, the Jologs will dominate the world.

THE VERDICT:  Canyon Cove is no Anvaya.  But since I'm not very finicky myself (I make baduy look good), I do not mind going back for the positive reasons I enumerated earlier .  You always get what you paid for so do not expect "world class" when you only shelled out P2999---common guys.

The reason we go out of town is to make the kids happy and be together as a family.  We can be in any shabby place but as long as we are complete everything is all good.

Speaking of complete, did I mention my mom was with us during the whole trip?
There she is from our balcony carrying Sky in the right side of the photo. 

Far East Road, Piloto Wawa
Nasugbu, Batangas
Phone Number

Makati Central Reservations Office
840 2290
840 2327


  1. Hi i love reading your blog especially po yong sa HK :) Excited to go there with my 2 chikitings... ipon muna hehe! My wife and 2 kids are going to Canyon Cove next month... paano ba makakalusot si yaya? hehe tipid mode, wala kme bonus huhu (gusto ko lang i treat wife ko dahil 7 years wedding anniversary namin.)

  2. Hi. You said you know someone who were able to sneak in 2 more people. How did they do it?