Saturday, September 13, 2014

AZURE love

Warning : Picture overload ahead

It all started one day when we stayed overnight and went swimming in Vivere hotel Alabang.

A girl approached us to say we can only swim for a few more minutes since they were shooting for the hotel's merchandising materials and needed to close the pool area.

A few more minutes she decided to change her mind and instead asked if it was ok if she can shoot us while swimming and feature our family.  We did not mind at all because it just meant we can swim some more.  (Actually I was thinking more like---do I still have some time to put makeup and brush my hair at least??? Unfortunately there was no time for that.  They started taking pictures of my gusgusin, never to be made public swimming look).

 The free drinks they sent our room was more than enough thank you.  We were not expecting anything really and just forgot all about it.

A few weeks after my bare, makeup free face made its public debut.  I was already getting calls.  They saw us on a billboard in Alabang and some leaflets for Vivere's mother's day event.  Aaaack---I was like--"there goes my social life!"    Secretly tho I was quite kilig.  I always wanted to be in a billboard.

Unfortunately I was not able to take a pic of the billboard because it was at the intersection of a busy street.
But I was able to get a lot of leaflets :)

The coolest part was they were actually going to give us an overnight  stay in  their Azure Resort for it.   Talk about getting paid for something you secretly dreamed of having. I LOVE VIVERE!

Azure is one of, if not the best resort in Anilao Batangas. It boasts of great rooms, yummy food and AWESOME 5 star service (something the Vivere family is known for).  

The down side of it is its quite pricey.  Even at deal grocer, the regular room is already 14,000php (instead of 25,000php) for 2 people.  That however includes food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2.  Kids below 12 are free.  Oh, but did I mention I was getting to stay there for FREE!?  And it's not just their regular room, it's one of their best rooms.

So off to Azure we went

Azure is just 3 hours away from Mandaluyong.  We timed it.  It was exactly 3 hours.
Maybe faster if Jun was not driving his usual 50-60km/hr speed.
You just have to go through the whole stretch of South Super.

Why hello there Azure.  Make sure you open your eyes for signs and you won't get lost.

There really was no lobby for checking in.  Once you've entered, you will be welcomed by this big day bed and their staff who will give you your cold (with crushed ice), freshly squeezed dalandan juice before leading you to your room.

Since this resort is located at the side of a mountain, you can expect a lot of stairs going to your room. Check out poor Jun's face as he had to carry Sky all the way down.

When we reached our room, I had a feeling it will be the ultimate best...I wonder why....
Big, fluffy king size bed fit for Madame Donya 

The view from the bed is the wide balcony and the floor to ceiling window in front of 2 other beds

Sasha loves that she can peep into the balcony from her bed.

It is also worth mentioning that there were a stock of toiletries and fresh towels all over the bathroom.  

This room is worth the 3 hours travel to Anilao Batangas!  The perfect example of BEAUTIFUL and BIG)!
(Just like these girls --I'm big, they're beautiful)
The resort staff will send you the menu for lunch so that they can prepare your food ahead of time. 
Notice how there are no price indicated? Food is included with your lodging.

So you will arrive at their restaurant with a table prepared just for you.

Yaya and Sasha both chose the yummy fried chicken.
Perfectly crunchy and marinated, we re-ordered it for dinner.
Jun the carnivore that he is, got the tenderloin steak.
It was so soft and cooked perfectly, this picture just did not do it justice.
and this, my dear readers is heaven in a plate!

Food at Azure also came with soup, salad and dessert.  If there are more guests, it is usually served buffet style.  If it's just you, it's ala carte.

Aaah this is the life :)
Azure like almost (if not) all the resorts in Anilao is catered to divers.  So if your kids are expecting fine, white sand and clear blue sea, please manage their expectations with the photos below:

Of course that did not stop Sasha from getting her hands dirty the moment she arrived.  

 Azure only has 11 rooms in total so you can expect total peace and privacy while rubbing elbows with the sosyals and the foreigners. Adjectives that people always attribute to my tisoy husband kaya di kame maka tawad sa tiangge.

Me: Awww he is so handsome!
Baby's Mommy: My baby is a girl.

Check out our room overlooking the beach!!!!

My small baby and my big baby are beach bonding.
And yes, my baby is also a girl. 

What Azure lacked in the beach area, they more than made up with their gorgeous infinity pool.

and the even more gorgeous people who swim in it...
(Ay kami pala yun! lol)

It was truly a sight to behold!
Fresh pool towels and pool toys are likewise available.
You can also order drinks and snacks while lounging in the pool area.

We had an intimate candlelight dinner that night in their restaurant
But you can request for it to be served on the beach, under the stars.

Sasha ordered the fried chicken AGAIN

Mr. Carnivore got the beef salpicao but wished he re-ordered the steak he had for lunch.  While I got the seafood thermidore but wished I re-ordered the prawns.

 After dinner, while yaya brought the kids back to the room.  Jun and I had some quiet me time.  I picked up a book from their restaurant and read it the whole night---while Jun took my photo.  (Wala syang maka-usap e).  It was a book about Angels and miracles.  I loved it so much, Jun got me the next edition when we got back.  Gives me an idea of what my next entry will be.
...still reading.  You can borrow and bring the books to your room.

Good night Azure!

Good morning Azure!
 Nothing makes me happier than hanging out with my family.

EMO before breakfast.  Thankful for all the love, generosity and opportunity God has given us.

When I looked down I saw Mr. Manong who greeted me a warm Good Morning!

 Then off to the restaurant we went for breakfast!  Jun looooves buffet breakfasts because of the crunchy bacon---did i mention he was a carnivore?

Just look at what bacon can do to this guy.

The rest of the day was really just reserved for pictures...
Here is Jun by the stairs...

...and me by the stairs
...another shot of the stairs

and yes, more stairs!

This is the tree house bar where you can have an awesome view of the resort.

Hanging out where there is shade....


There she is topless by the beach!  Addict talaga.  We had to unpack and give her a bath again.

Its time to say bye bye Azure!  No check out necessary. You can bring home the TV for all they care. I guess the room cost will cover for that. Besides subukan mo lang kargahin yung TV sa 1 million step stairs ng Azure...
OR they probably thought the sosyals do not get hotel stuff.  They will get the surprise of their life when they discover we brought home all the Ilog Maria toiletries in our bathroom (and as mentioned earlier, there were A LOT provided in our room).

Don't worry Azure we will be back.  You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

My babies are tired but I know they're already dreaming of our next vacation to this place.

Yes, as promised early 2014 team Campo went back to Azure.

 This time we brought grandma :)
 If she was able to endure the up and down stair climb with her degenerative knee no one has the excuse to complain 


Azure too was ready for us.  On our second round we were only were given a regular supply of these.

We still love you Vivere / Azure!

And because we <3 you, we offer you this boom, boom dance by your rocky beach:

T: (632) 771-7777
F: (632) 771-0158


  1. Nice place too bad too far lang for us. Nice pics too.

  2. Yup its really beautiful but yes a bit far ;) albert when will you start your blog?? Ill be your number 1 fan!

  3. very nice place, sana maka staycation din dyan ng free..ahaha...:-D

    1. Oo kasi sakit ng 14k a night! Pang honeymoon and proposal talaga

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