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CRISP on 28th by Erwan Heusaff

I had reserved my tummy that day for the Ultimate Taste Test in Rockwell until I got this text from my kumareng Jaz of Ericjazfoodies:

Kathi from Mucking around Manila and Chef Cecile of Silk Road were just legends I only hear about from stories in the blogging sphere and I will finally get to meet them.  OMG!  How kilig can that be.   
I was just worried that if Erwan sees me in his latest restaurant  he might just dump Anne Curtis  (ok, take that with a grain of salt—even my kunsensya threw up with that last statement )---so let’s just stick with the facts.

Fact #1:  Crisp on 28th means it’s a restaurant located at the 28th street of BGC.  So if someone invites you to Crisp on 28th, it does not mean you are going there on the 28th of the month.  It simply means, you have to go past the rows of restaurant in Bonifacio High Street and Serendra to find this hidden gem.

If you are directionally challenged like my hubby, you can just look for Active Fun with its HUGE sign and walk a few steps towards the restaurant which is across an outdoor playground.  Crisp on 28th is located in Alveo and you can park in the covered parking beside it.

Fact #2:  Crisp on 28th is the 4th restaurant of Erwan Heusaff and his partners (Hungry Hound, Pink Panda and Hatch 22 being the first 3). 

So do not be surprised to find out that the artworks inside and outside the restaurant are masterpieces of Erwan's sister Solenn-- who drops by every so often in her simplest and shortest short, shorts.  I think that is enough come on for a lot of guys to check out the place.  You can stop here.  But please do read on.

Fact #3 They have freshly baked goods that will make you forget about your No Carbs diet--- And it's 50% off from 10:00 pm onwards. 

 And since you are in BGC where the sosyals hangout, pan de regla there is sosy too...

Fact #4:  They have specials they change weekly.  This is to cater to the crowd who eats there often for lunch.  Yes, they care about you loyal patrons: Specials for the special customers.  Awww how sweet is that!

Fact #5  However Jun finds this special offer much sweeter!  Happy Hour Buy 1 Take 1 on local beers from 5-8pm!
He even took this photo himself.  You got him with "Beer".  Buy 1 take 1 made him a fan!

Fact #6  These little biscuits from your childhood is available with every coffee order.  And if you are kapal like us, you can request for a platito of it.

This is an accurate representation of me before and after glutathione.

Fact #7 THE FOOD is (truly, sincerely, peksman, cross my heart, mangitim pa ako ulit) GOOD!

Courtyard Salad
Mixed salad greens, cucumber, French beans, walnuts, broccoli, roasted beets, quail egg, herbed croutons, country dressing (add 150g grilled hanger steak - Php275.00)
Half 140.00 
Full 280.00

Chef Siggy's favorite is also my favorite! Jun and I are already talking about coming back for this and we haven't even left the place.  (Mental note: This should be added in my, oh my gulay list --10 best salads)

Chipotle Chicken Quinoa Salad
Organic quinoa, grilled herbed chicken, tomatoes, white cheese, sliced onions, red beets, lemon oil, black olives
Half 215.00 
Full 395.00

This on the other hand is Erwan's favorite.  Jun and I loved this too!  Good for you health buffs and dieters because this is made of healthy stuff plus quinoa which is pure protien even if it resembles rice.  This is such value for money because do you know that Quinoa costs P350-P500 / kilo? Erwan may have started the Quinoa craze so you can bet this is really good.

Parmesan Fench Toast
Whole wheat French toast, parmesan, cheddar and roasted pimiento butter, sauteed mixed mushrooms, sous vide egg, mixed greens 325.00

Monique Monasterio, Crisp's PR/Marketing Manager's Favorite is this Parmesan Crusted French Toast.   It was a last minute addition to our order because Monique thought we should try it.  And thank you Monique because this plate was as beautiful as you!  PS:  You can never go wrong with cheese and egg combined.

Benny's and Greens : Poached egg on muffins with mushrooms and greens : P380.00

 You know me, I love anything and everything that is, was and has eggs!  I even work for a company called EGG (a Globe subsidiary) and my husband has eggs..............................for breakfast!  What!?!

Adobo Flakes
Flaked chicken thigh and pork belly adobo, salted egg salsa, brown dirty rice, sunny side up and seared tomatoes 300.00

This, we were told, was Crisp on 28th's best seller.  And truly it was a hit with our husbands (Eric and Jun).  This is the literal embodiment of Crisp:  Simple, crunchy, direct to the point yummy.

Big Breakfast
Sunny side up, spicy pork sausage, bacon rashers, mixed mushrooms, white baked beans, roasted tomatoes, hash potato 480.00

Everything a breakfast should be but BIGGER!  Langgonisa, sunny side up, hashbrown, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, sausage (at tsaka meroon pa labanos mustasa),'s all in there.  So for breakfast lovers like me---I dedicate this to you.

Bacon and Eggs
Sunny side soufflĂ©, slab of smoked bacon, onion and potato hash, mixed salad greens, grilled honey lemon dressing 290.00

Bacon and eggs have never been this alive!  Check out that thick slab of bacon ---yummmm bacooon (drool, drool)... Ok, I do not care if I get a heart attack as long as I am happy!  And do not get me started on eggs again....those fluffy, fluffy eggs are just too cute to eat!

Here they are again in extreme closeup teasing me.  You just want to pinch their cheeks and swim in their cloudy goodness.  

Crab and Tomato Parpadelle
Brown butter tarragon, sundried tomato, snow peas, roasted pumpkin, spinach and basil 460.00

This dish may have been my least favorite.  Maybe because I can feel some shells on those crab bits inside.  Well at least you know its from the real deal crab and not from some synthetically flavored substitute.

Longganisa Bahn Mi
Salted and sweet longganisa, pickled papaya and cucumber carrot salad, liver pate, white cheese 280.00

By this time, I was too full to taste the sandwich.  But I  helped myself to those crispy strips beside it which was quite addicting because it was not salty nor greasy.  To the sandwich, we shall meet again.

 I had to save the very little space I had left in my tummy for these!  

Assorted donuts that are so soft it will melt in your mouth.  P150.00 for 3 pcs.
Buy them 10pm onwards and you will get them for  half the price.
So if inubusan ka ni manang ng tinapay sa French baker tapos mo pumila ng 9pm onwards,
imbis na pukpukin mo ng french bread, just head over to Crisp on 28th. Better yet, go straight to Crisp.

Fudge Cake
Chocolate heaven in a slice. Dark chocolate flourless cake with a Nutella-chocolate glaze
Slice 155.00 
Whole Cake 1,400.00

Tres Leches Rum Cake
Sponge cake with a small dose of rum, soaked in a 3-milk sauce overnight. Tres leches is served warm with a shot of hot chocolate milk. 150.00

I can't decide if I loved the donuts or the flourless chocolate cake better.  I both gasped at how good they were: OH MY GOSH ANG SARAP!  (And yes, nashshy pa ako nyan.  That was my line the whole time because I was oddly reserved)

And if you think we ordered too much, think again...

Apologies to Chef Cecile we did not leave her anything but these empty plates.

Chef Cecile of Silk Road, Chef Siggy of Crisp, Hatch and Pink Panda...

...and the rest of us mere mortals (who are better in eating than in cooking)

A supposed candid shot of us na naloka sa sarap!

Thanks and hats off to this master Chef, Siggy Torente for that awesome spread.

Fan Mode

Thank you  to Kathi for inviting us to Crisp and to Chef Cecile who is hosting lunch the ff day in her restaurant Silk Road :

Thank you to Mareng Jaz for introducing us to Kathi and to blogging:

Thank you to my husband, my plus 1, driver sweet lover, photographer, inspiration, partner in crime and number one fan.  (Yes kasama po sya)


Thank you to my parents for without them I will not be born (labo)

Crisp on 28thFort Bonifacio

G/F Alveo Corporate Center28th AveFort Bonifacio, Taguig(0917) 584-6883


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