Wednesday, September 10, 2014

FASHION that will kill your social life forever!

I am all for freedom of expression but personally, I believe there are fashion/beauty rules that you just do not, I repeat DO NOT EVER break. 

1.  Do not wear open toed sandals with socks  or stockings!  

2.  Do not wear ill fitted jeans.

3.  Do not let your private part eat your trousers or shorts.

4.  Do not curl your short bangs.  (And spray them with Aqua Net)

5.  Wear acid washed clothes with caution---or do NOT ever wear them at all.

6.  Never pair a formal / casual top with a sporty/ala Adidas bottom.

7. Do not dress up like a hooker!  Be classy, not trashy!

8.  Do not tuck your jeans to your towelette  socks!

9.  Do not wear fabric that matches your sofa or curtains.

10.  DO NOT MIX and MATCH any of the items above!

If only someone told me these before.  Now no one can ever blackmail me :)

Do not attempt to look like a hooker or a POODLE on sofa (sorry Ampy, you know I love you)
And dont go to Gandang Ricky Reyes who we actually paid for this look!

And you know the worst part of it all?  I thought I was cool!


  1. OMG... ha ha ha ha!

    MY EYES!!! MY BEAUTIFUL EYESSS!! I'm going to have a nightmare later!!!


  2. wahahahahahahahahaahahahahah mare wala pa din tatalo sa picture mo on that poor horse :)