Thursday, September 11, 2014

Halo - Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and it is already bringing out the Monster Mommy in me.

Dear Ate Charo,  my love for costume dressing all started 15 years ago when my mom couldn’t find me a saya for a Filipiniana themed Christmas  party I had to attend.  All the girls had their SONA inspired garbs ready and hanging in our office and I had nothing.

So I grabbed our native table runner, wrapped it around my waist, put some accessories, a palayok on my head and viola!  Instant Igorot. 

I went home with tears rolling down my cheeks as I held on to the P5k best costume prize.   No I wasn’t crying because I was happy, it was that time I realized I forgot to put on a top! Kya pala ako nanalo kasi kinarir ko ang pagiging Igorot. 

Wahahahhahaha Joke.
But yes, I won and no, I wasn’t topless or crying.  I was just really happy. 

So there.  Poor Sasha and Sky they have to put up with their mommy’s crazy past and part of that is not being able to come as a princess or fairy for Halloween.  Plain and common is not acceptable since their mom is a champion!!! Woohoo!
Sky is actually luckier because she was able to get away with being an insect for 2 years

Here is 3 month old Sky as Baby Bug

And this is her last year, as a colorful tutubi…no di sya fairy, sya si Rainbowbrite with wings.

Sasha on the other hand had a tougher (itchier ) time with her costumes.
When she was 7 months old she was Diana Ross. 

And with her is daddy and me, together we are the Supremes. 

Yehey we won!!!
The following month, she was a porcelain doll.  This was easy kasi wig lang investment ko. She wore the same dress I wore when I was one yr old which makes it extra special.

 And since we always attend a number of trick or treat events—change costume din sya to an Ita!

Yahoo! We won cutest costume award again.

When she turned 2 she was little red riding hood.  The costume I got was on sale for less than P200.

(mas mahal pa yung candy na nakuha namin sa greenwoods)
At dahil dun, napabili ako ng lupa sa village na yun – napamahal din.  Damn you little red riding hood costume.  (BTW Sasha won that year too)
At 3, I had to outdo myself (and other mommies) because she was already in school.

And this is the result:
Raggedy Sash!

She wanted to be something scary and we had such an argument over this choice of costume. So I had to convince her she was coming as the Anabelle doll from conjuring.
3yr old Sasha with her nursery classmates
"Don't mess with me, coz I'm Anabelle and I will eat you!"
Last year, I had to give in to her persistence of being a monster.   Yes, if other girls want to be fairies and princesses my daughter wanted to be a vampire with blood!!!

So she came as Kirsten Dunst from the movie Interview with a Vampire.

Sino sa tingin nyo nanalo?  AKO PA DIN! Mwahaahahahha

I do have to thank and acknowledge   my sister in the US who buys most of the costumes for me.  3 months ahead of time she will already ask me to choose and dahil di ako makapal at once a year lang naman gagamitin I always choose from the clearance items.

And since naka-sale yung costumes ng anak ko, sis can you buy me this? Bwahahahahaha:

Baka lang naman lumusot :)

So there.  I hope you watch out for what I will think of next.  Remember , you do not have to spend so much for a costume. 

Just check out incredible hulk over there:

 Just use your creativity and bring out the Igorot in you.

Love Mommy Gail


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