Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hot Momma Makeover

Growing up I was painfully ugly even my mom could not say I was pretty.
Thank God for innocence you just do not care.

The realization on how I was physically challenged led to my discovery of the wonders of glutathione, hair dye, contact lens, fake lashes and aaaaah make-up.

God is also fair.  He gave me the talent of art (I was always the contestant in poster making contests in school) and putting on make-up came natural me.  
So although my talent is natural, my looks are not--wehehehe.  Sometimes too unnatural because the more I have time, the more make-up you will see on my face.  

So kung minsan makapal ang make-up ko, pagpasensyahan nyo na lang po, baka matraffic lang or maaga ako nagising. (So just excuse if my make-up is thick, it just might be the traffic or I started early)

Contrary to popular belief tho, make-up is not something I invest on---kuripot nga ako diba?! Haller.
So if you see my make-up kit, I only have a few--most even came from my sister and some are local brands that come really cheap.

(So to my friends who have so much--please donate lol)

Anyway let me show you the only make up I use.  Opo, kahit minsan mukhang isang department store ang nakapahid sa mukha ko iyan lang po yun.  Whether its a formal event or a simple trip to the mall or the office, the makeup I use are just these.  I just add contacts or lashes on special occasions.

Ok so let me impress you on how I make my face the poster in this art contest called, the hot momma make-over.

Ok, so this is the face I swore not to show ever!  But since you follow my blog, tadah!  You have won the chance to see my make-up free face and my gulagulanit na pantulog.

Before putting on make-up, I wash with my tokyo love soap. I am oily and I feel that if I do not wash, 5 minutes pa lang I can blind you with my forehead's glimmer!

I recently discovered this magic in a tube.  Unlike most of you creatures blessed with awesome skin, I am unfortunate enough to have pores as big as the craters on Jupiter--on speed.
I used to apply a brand called Elf primer which my sister left behind when she visited because she said it was just some cheap stuff she got abroad.   But since I ran out of it, I found a similar alternative in Maybelline Baby Pores.  This is what this product can do. PS:  The right side photo is the product under face powder.  P.S.S.  No that's not my elbow even if the texture resembles it.

After applying Cover Girl Aquasmooth  my face is still not smooth...But I think the texture got better and my face became a shade fairer.  I do not mind getting the lighter shade because I'm acidic.   My face has this magical ability to turn orange before lunch.

Then I put on my eyebrows.  Yep, brows make a whole lot of difference. Ayoko ng masikip, ayoko ng walang tubig, ayoko ng walang kuryente,  ayoko ng walang kilay!!!  (Of course mga batang 80's lang nakagets ng joke na yun).
Lately too, I've been obsessing over putting a black liquid liner on my lash line.  It gives the illusion I have lashes when there's none.  Hair just grows on my body in places where I don't want them to be.
Buti pa legs ko may hair, kilay at lashes ko wala! 

Normally, I stop after this.  Happy nako nito.  And this is my everyday look.

 I would like to thank in2it for my eyebrows (they've got the right shade to match my perfectly fake hair color) and...
Thank you Kate for my lash line. Recently tho, I've been using Nichido because I left my newly bought Kate pen liner not completely closed and it dried on the first day I bought it.  Sa sama ng loob ko bumili ako ng Nichido (I think its only half the price of Kate) and it's not that  bad---it just smudges over time.  So I suggest invest on a Kate.  It's only P600.00.  

If you want that Isabel Granda look, go for fake lashes - I swear it makes you look good on pictures.

I have this odd ritual of putting on my fake lashes before eyeshadow. For this entry I'm putting on my Ardell lashes which I think is your best bet when it comes to the adhesive.  The secret to putting on fake lashes is the glue. The stickier the better.  I like the Ardell lashes too (it's made of real hair) but I can work with anything as long as I have the right adhesive.

This is the starter kit I bought for P600.  I just found the applicator useless so if you want to save, just get the glue from Ardell and your lash from Landmark.  They have a whole barangay of lash choices there.

I love using grey shadows and making the smokey eye look since it makes my drooping eyes bigger.  My shadow and blush are from Clinique. But I also have the silver/grey line from Maybelline.  I only use eye shadow when I'm meeting someone important that I want to impress --- so if you see me wearing eye shadow, uuuy important ka!
My shadow and blush buddy :)

I had to change my angle (inside the bathroom) and face the window to get this clearer photo. (Sorry medyo slow)  Here you can see my blush already.  And since I do not want to start all over in this angle, you have to bear with the blurry shots earlier.

It is important you have good lighting when you put your makeup because it is only in this photo that I realized my face color did not match my neck--which needed more aqua smooth foundation.

For some reason, I never liked lipsticks.  I only own 2 and do not use them at all.  What I use is always this Body Shop lip and cheek stain.  Love this product!    I think I can make do with just this, my eyebrow pencil and some face powder.

This is the face powder I've been using for more than 10 years.  It is, I believe the only product strong enough to fight my oily glands and camouflage my pores.  It's also very affordable.

Remember: Foundation/face powder is like Spanx for the face.  Find one that best suits you. 
- Lynette Cole

After all that, I removed my pony tail, walang suklay suklay, put some accessories (over my daster) and voila!

Angle, angle lang sa selfie and instant hot momma!
(Got to work on those roots tho--but that's another entry all together)

Jun was like, ayos na ayos ka talaga for Megamall ha and I was like, huh, what are you talking about, this is how I always look when I wake up.

Not to be outdone below are my baby and my hubby's  own respective make-overs that will put all other make-overs to shame:

Me: Sky you are so daldal!
Sky: Daldaldal Dalandan! Sarap ng Real!
Take note: Skinwhite lotion at lovely spray net lang, artistahin na :)
(Batukan ko kya sa inggit)

,,,,and read blog entries like this!

Wahahahahha---always be beautiful dahlings!

Love, Mommy Gail

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