Friday, September 26, 2014

Ippudo : Dinner with an old, old friend in a new, new place

It all started with this new thing :
What in the world are they lining up for?  

And this old friendship from way back 1980:

Can you spot me? Just look for the little girl that resembles Sky.
Put them together and you've got yourself a reunion of epic proportions.

 Back then, we knew we were not the sporty kind.  We probably would trip on our own foot if we so much as run. We were also far from being cheer dancers.  I was not a nerd since I was born too intelligent to study :) so I guess I was more like a dork. I would have hated school if not for friends like Joyce, Ampy and Myra.

Ampy in black.  

Myra in the middle
Ampy and Myra are both happily married in the US so now my barkada highschool reunion looks more like this NOW:

I have no complaints tho because between the two of us, we can already use 5 hours or more just talking and there's still not enough time..

Lining up in IPPUDO with my old (both literally and figuratively--hehe love yah Joyce) friend, was actually more than welcome. So we decided to try out this newly opened ramen place in SM Megamall ( we've got it all for you), and start our chika marathon while hopping from one chair to another in line.

Pardon me if I failed to take a photo of the menu, the restaurant interior and the waiters.  We were just too engrossed in our catching up.  
 It doesn't matter tho because the star of IPPUDO was the ramen---and just like a starstruck fan I asked my friend to take a picture of me and the reason why we patiently waited in line for.

Me with the star of Ippudo: the Ramen

 I ordered the AKA TAMAGO for P420..00 (with vat ) and I think I hit the jackpot!  I do not like ramen but this one I love!  The noodles were al dente and the broth---oooh that broth.  It was just delicious.  The pork was tender and the egg, perfectly soft boiled.     I'm sooo glad I didn't order my usual rice meal in a ramen place.  Thank you dear friend, for convincing me otherwise.

Joyce got herself the Karaka.  But wait there's more.  It's not just Karaka....

It was the Karaka SPECIAL!  P490.00 (with VAT). 

 This is the reason why, if you will notice,  her ramen had more of that soft, soft pork.  Joyce, thought her ramen was a bit spicy tho but it's the tolerable kind unlike the spicy version of Nagi which  will burn you from tongue to butt.

Before ordering, the waiter will remind you that THERE IS NO TAKE OUT so we were both, "OMG , we should have shared, the serving is just too big".  But in just a few minutes, our bowls were empty and the waiter was eyeing us already.

Yes, Ippudo is not a chika place guys-- unless you want the person seated so close beside you to know your life story, you better stick to enjoying the ramen first and continuing your chika later.

Remember, you have to be considerate of that looooong , pang box office line that goes around the 3rd floor just to get inside.

So, ok we asked for our check to give chance to others.  The price was at par with other ramen places in the metro so we were not a bit surprised.

Notice tho that you can request for the free house tea which you can choose to be served hot or cold.

If you are as kapal as me, you wouldn't mind another photo beside the signage outside with the people waiting to get inside staring at you as you pretend and say, "Geez it wasn't even worth the time I spent lining up---I should have just eaten in Tokyo tokyo--(insert evil laugh here)".

My smile, is just proof tho that I'm a bad liar. And yes, I enjoyed the food tremendously as much as I enjoyed the awesome company of my good ol' friend.

Ippudo, I shall return!  And when I do I will bring my ramen loving hubby  (who finds joy even in chowking noodles) with me.
Thank you for disproving me when I say, all ramen taste like instant noodles.

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  1. Of course Karaka special! I'm a meatatarian, dapat bawat slurp may kasamang pork! ;P

  2. hahaahahaahhah maanghang naman ramen mong speysial :)