Monday, September 8, 2014

Kamukha mo si Mama Mary

When I heard Sasha was chosen to be the Mother Mary representative of her class kinilig ako to the max.  It was the best news I heard in a long, long time.

Jun was kidding me that I was more excited than Sasha. Kulang na lang daw ako magsuot ng belo (which I did after the program).  HAAAY I was in full Anabelle Rama mode.

All my life, I was told I looked like this sexy actress / bold star so being told that my daughter resembles Mama Mary was really a far improvement and well worth a blog entry.

Here are photos of Sasha before going to her program and during the program proper in St. Paul College of Pasig:

Ok, ok apologize for the barrage of photos...don't say I didn't warn you.  A hundred more photos will be found in my facebook account believe me...

Anyway, Sasha was representing the Lady of Perpetual Help.  The other classrooms each had their own Mama Mary to represent.  All of them were oh sooooo cute!!!!

Alright this is where I get serious.  I always tell Sasha that looking like Mama Mary is not enough. What is important is she copies also  Mama Mary's example on simplicity, modesty, faith and humility.  

This is specially difficult during our modern times and harder for my girls because they have an over the top (O.A) mom.  Good thing they have a dad whose strongest characteristics are all four.

Speaking of over the top, crazy, didn't i mention I wore the veil of Sasha after the program?  Bakit si Sasha mukhang Mama Mary, ako parang nagbebenta lang ng dibidi!

 Kailangan ko pang i-todo filter at lagyan ng sun beam effects from heaven para maging parang pure.

...but you know I'm still up to no good. Ika nga ng supportive Mom ko: "Tigilan mo nga kalokohan mo!"

Ok, ok, Sasha got her maamo looks from her grandmother (Jun's mom) and great grandmother  who were also always told they looked like the blessed mother.

Lola Guia Balmori

I'm sure they're all (Mommy Baby, Lola Guia and Mama Mary herself) looking down from heaven as proud as I am today.

Happy Birthday to the mother of all Mothers!


  1. Wow! Sasha looks so much like her grandmother pala!

  2. Yes, thank God for their great genes :)

  3. Grabe Gail, sobrang natawa naman ako dun sa nagtitinda ng dibi, hahahaha! funny ka tlga.....pero seriously, mare, kailangan bantay sarado tlga kay Sasha...her beauty is just effortless :)

  4. Hahaha the dibi was jaz's joke... Tawang tawa din ako!!!!

  5. hello sis! You are a mommy blogger na din pala. Can I add you sa Mommy bloggers Philippines. I am a member there. Sarap maging mommy blogger! :-D

  6. Awww that will be so cool!!!! Thanks Lally :)