Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Sasha and Sky

My wedding has been tagged as the event with ASAP/GMA Supershow proportions.  It came complete with a grand choir, a fire dancer, a snowy welcome, a miss saigon singer and a band that played til the wee hours of the morning.

I also wrote personalized thank you notes to all our guests.  Yes all 400 of them.

That being said, I have much party planning reputation to live up to.  The only problem is: my ideas are always bigger than my budget.

Join me as I show you the skills of a kuring queen in planning an affordable but fun party through my daughters' birthday party photos. Check out what I choose to spend and scrimp on in order to create a party as beautiful as my girls.

SASHA's first birthday/ March 17, 2010:

The theme was Ms. Universe because Sasha's great grandmother is the 1936 Miss Philippines,(Check out her photo in an earlier blog entry: Lola  Guia Balmori):  and Sasha looks like her.

I made the invitation and the sash name tags myself.  

The color motiff was black and white so I had everyone (including us) come wearing black and/or white...

...So that when the star of the show makes her grand entrance wearing her kabog, shocking pink gown, all eyes will be on her.

Wala kayo sa OOTD ko!

I would have gotten an awesome balloon / decor supplier if I had 50kphp to spare but decor was not my priority so I got a more affordable supplier to design my venue.

The result: Our agreed b&w balloons became red and pink and our mylar star balloon center pieces turned, pink, yellow and purple.  Yes, they forgot my party was booked on that day so they had to rush to decorate the place with whatever balloons they had left from a previous party.

I provided those cute polka dot table cloths myself.
Lesson learned: You get what you pay for.

But just as i suspected people really did not notice the mistake.  They thought the place looked great.  (They didn't know that behind my smile, I was itty bitty close to a heart attack)

Things that made this party a hit:

My host was a former DJ for 89.9 and she happens to be my friend from college.  That means she gave her services in the name of friendship.

Crystal speaks perfect English (which suited my crowd) and I know how crazy, funny she is.  The worst thing you can do to ruin your party is to get a host that someone has pulled from a local perya or some dingy comedy club.  Oh, please, spare me and my guests from terrible grammar, rude comments/insults and green jokes.

It's also great that another friend owns NYFD and gave this for FREE:

(Thanks Dexter!)

And of course the star of my show---TADAH!

Kids do not be scared he will not eat you when you are bad.   

Leodini my magician was sooo good and funny that I saw him about 8 times in the parties of my friends who got him because they super enjoyed my party or their kids requested for him.

And you just know it was a success if the person paying the suppliers laughs out loud like this:

and the person who you are throwing the party for reacts like this:

Oh, Im so good!  mwahahahahahah!!!  Patting my own back while I drink my heart medicine!

SKY's First Birthday: July 19, 2013

Three Years after, I had to plan another party for my baby Sky.  The second child normally gets impacted with the parent symptom called tamaditis just because you've been there and done that.  
Not me tho.  I had to apply my learnings from Sasha's party and make sure this one was just as or more successful as Sasha's.

1. I got a larger venue
2. Focused on the food (it had to be overflowing and delicious--dapat may ulam pa kame the ff week from the left overs)
3. Bought the balloons myself
4. Availed of a photo booth (di ko alam kung good idea ito or bad--you will know later why)
5. Prepared a memorable AVP that can be seen and heard by everyone 
6. Made sure my host /  magician was AWESOME again  and the best advice
7. Stressed less.  

Of course, she also had to have that gown that shouts,
"It's my birthday and my mom is an OA fashionista"

The venue was as colorful as Sky's personality

I made sure that there were a LOT of prizes so that all the kids (winners and losers alike went home with something).  Pati my yayas, taho vendor and ice cream manong were able to bring home something for their kids.

There were still more hidden behind the table.

Aside from prizes, I also made sure there was a lot of dancing, laughter, games and fun!


Ate Angel and Ate Sasha (who was 4 years old already then) gave a special dance number.

Full House!
We really felt the love from family and friends.

Like before, I did not spend on cake and backdrop too much.  That is already savings of 12,000php
as backdrops usually cost 8,000 php and cakes at 3-4,000php.
My cake was just from Goldilocks and my YUMMY cupcakes from Tita Lens.

I chose to invest more on a great host.
Jen de belen was my host, game master, singer, dancer, puppeteer and magician. She also provided the sound system, the wide screen and the projector.  Sulit with a capital S!  And just like Sasha's party, a lot of my relatives and friends had requested for her contact details.

May grand entrance, song number pa kami c/o our host.

This smile is the best thank you I got for all my love and effort.

But just as I thought I was spared from a heart attack:

OMG!  Sky's turns 1!
Sumakit ngipin ko sa wrong grammar ng photos from my photobooth.

Anyhow's, no's grammar's can's ruin's a good's day's. 
 I always told Jun, that God's best gift to me is him and his best gift are my girls.
I can't be any happier ---Well I can, if the grammar on my photobooth photos are correct!!!
(I still get nightmares)

Oh well, to distract you from the grammar, just focus on the stripes on my outfits...
(You are getting sleepy, sleeeeeeepppy...)

To Sasha and Sky, there might not always be big parties on your birthdays but rest assured, there will always be big love from mommy.


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  1. Aww! I can’t take my eyes off these pictures, both of them look adorably cute. I have also organized a birthday party for my niece in one of the Los Angeles event venues. She will turn 5 this year and I just love surprising her with different themes, this time it is a Pokémon theme for the day.