Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Quotable Quotes From Sasha (at 2-3 yrs old)

My 5 year old Sasha talks and acts like an adult now, that sometimes I forget she is still a baby.

If there's one thing both my girls got from me, it's my silly sense of humor and unstoppable mouth.

If some kids are just starting to talk and experiment with sounds at 2 years old, my Sasha was already delivering hilarious punchlines without even knowing it.

Here are some of my favorites as witnessed by my Facebook shout outs:

SASHA @ 2 years old:

Mommy: Daddy, who do you love more, Sasha or mommy?
Daddy: Both!
Sasha: row, row, row your both, gently down the stream!

April 8, 2011
Daddy: Baho!!!!--Sasha did you make poopoo?
Sasha: No, utot lang! 

Sasha when I was about to leave for work: "Wow ang ganda ganda ni Mommy......now ako naman"
Me: Wow ang ganda naman ni Sasha!
Sasha: Hihhiihihihh
(Kala ko naman sincere)

Overheard Sasha talking to herself before going to sleep: I will go to Boracay... ride an airplane... sleep in a hotel....kundol...patolaaaaa....upoooo at kalabasa!

While lining up in KFC overheard waiter ask yaya in jest: "Anak mo? (referring  to Sasha)" Yaya smiles, neither answers yes or no and pointed to Jun saying "yan ang tatay o!" Aba inichapwera ako--bigla silang naging one happy family!

Me: Sasha what if a stranger approaches you in the mall and says, hey little girl go with me, what will you say?
Sasha: NO! Ill only go with my mommy and daddy!
Me: Wow, why?
Sasha: Because t
hey're cute

Sasha: Mom, can i borrow your finger so i can remove my booger?

daddy: Sasha girl come here...
Sasha: ok daddy boy!

February 28, 2012
Stranger: Hi little girl are you American?
Sasha: No, Im cute!

SASHA at 3 Years Old

Me: thank u papa Jesus for a great day and for Sasha...
Sasha: thank u u Papa Jesus for making my mommy pretty and not panget. Amen...

Sasha: mommy i think i want to go back to the beach
Me: maybe when your sister is born, i cant fit into my bathing suit now
Sasha: haaahahahahahaha you're so right.

Me: sasha dont do that!!
Sasha: i dont love you anymore..hmph
Me: really???
Sasha: no i was just joking..i dont understand really why my mouth says that..mom i really really didnt mean to because i love you very much...its really just this mouth..why does it do that? I love you even when im mad...its just this mouth!

( ok fine i forgive your mouth)

Sasha: yaya pra yan sa pit mo!
Me: feet not pit!
Sasha (whispering): mom she might not understand if i say feet!

Dad: Hows your xmas party?
Me: i did not win in the raffle 
Sasha: dont be sad mommy, youre the best mommy in the whole world anyway. And when we celebrate daddys birthday, ill make sure you win in the games. You tell your officemates that ok.
( alls well ...im a winner in the more important things right ? ;))

Sasha: mom you look like a monster today
Me : im not pretty?
Sasha: you are... A pretty monster!


June 27 2014 · Edited

Me: How was school?
Sasha: Franchesca and i bumped our heads because she was running and was not looking..
Me: Did you get hurt? Did she say sorry?
Sasha:Yes i got hurt but no she did not say sorry. I did tell her sorry because she might have gotten hurt too.
Me: What?! You should have kicked her butt instead for being careless 
Sasha: oh my gosh Mom! You are soooo immature!