Friday, September 19, 2014

The Fabulous BPs

They say birds of the same feather, do not judge a book by its cover...kya kung matinik malalim!

So we flock together in all our glorious fabulousness every so often to unwind, talk about philosophy (like the effects of papaya, the different uses of olive oil, the garden of Eden, our next outfit,  and anything and everything  profound like bakit makapal ang blush on ni Deniece Cornejo) . 

We dress up like we are single and on a date, only to eat and enjoy each other’s company while taking pictures of our beautiful subjects -  us!

Yan ang buhay matrona.  (wahahah do not kill me girls, magagandang matrona naman).

We are mommies who love the same things:  God, our family and yes taking pictures…(I can’t emphasize that enough).

For some reason, this photo is just not the same

As THIS photo!

You get our drift? Yes, addict lang and our ever supportive, pagka-pogi-poging husbands condone our narcissistic obsession.

The point is, kung ang yayas may day-op, dapat  ang mommies din .

I always believed that no matter how much you love your family, as a mom, you should also always find the time to hang out with friends who nourish you because you know that like you, their priorities are the same.  

So how did we all get together?

Jaz – a fellow blogger (of ericjazfoodies.blogspot)  connects us all. I always say she is the one who did not make me laglag when times were rough…She is a friend from advertising who introduced me to:

Anne – Jaz’s college barkada in Assumption who happens to have numerous common friends with me. 
(Anne and I stalked each other through Jaz’s facebook so Jaz felt we should just meet)

 Anne’s BFF Chel -then met Jaz while waiting for their kids in trumpets where they both chatted like long time friends because they both happen to know Anne—na for sure topic ng chika nila.

So one day we all met up.

Chel and Anne- met Gem in a couple’s retreat and introduced her to Jaz and me--where all 5 of us clicked instantly.

You can say the rest is history.

The thing about us is that we are so different in a lot of ways but we get along just because we have learned to accept each other's quirks just like how family should be.  Our hubbies are friends, our kids are friends, our yayas are friends and a partridge in a pear tree.

Which brings me to THAT final nagging question …What does BP stand for?

We used to call our group pretty mommies but its just way too obvious wahahah …so we changed it to something that  anyone can interpret any which way they want..


Beautiful People
mga Balahurang Paganda ng paganda
Be Positive
Beguiling and Pogi (we often tag along our hubbies para may photographer kami)
Basta picture
Biglang ppose
Bulaklak ng Podium (our regular hangout)
Buteteng palaka
Bahala na si Popeye  

At the end of the day I would like to believe BP stands for Best Pals (porever) --the real meaning we will keep amongst ourselves for now.

Follow the adventures of the BPs in my Glog J

And with that I leave you with this picture of us holding a plant for no reason. As the number 1 yaya rule states:   A day off will not be a day off kung walang kodakan by the halaman.

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