Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Story of Jun

Once upon a time, a 7 year old boy was found crying in the corner after his aunt (and adoptive mother) gave birth to her first son.  When asked why he was crying, he answered: "Now  that you have  your own child, who is going to love me?"

That little boy grew up to be my husband. 

You see, Jun was born an orphan.  I would often be corrected when I say this and I would go through the whole lengthy life story of my hubby to explain.

Jun's father (Jun Jr.) was the son to the right hand General of President Garcia.  At 23 he was at the peak of his life.  A representative to the Olympics, a budding career in showbiz and a new wife who was 1 month pregnant to their first child.  

At 23, he also died from a car accident in McKinley Drive.

The accident devastated his mother so much, she often told her sister that she sees her husband fetching her. They talked her out of her depression saying things will change once she gives birth but she spoke so surely...I will follow him soon. She even encircled May 8, 1965 in her calendar and told her sister, please take care of my baby when I'm gone.  May 8, just as she predicted, Mommy Baby died of cardiac arrest while giving birth. The doctors had to open her up to save the baby.  And that's how Jun was born an orphan.

Jun lived half of his life with his paternal grandparents and another half with his mother's side of the family.
He often told  the story of how he was such a problematic kid, that he got kicked out of Lourdes in gradeschool and was only allowed to graduate highschool so that La Salle Zobel can get rid of him for good.

After highschool, up until he met me, he made 3 suicide attempts:  1 by lying down along Makati Ave while high on drugs, second by getting in a shooting brawl in a bar and third by swallowing a bag of pills.

In his last attempt, he dreamt of his maternal grandfather (who just died a few days before) telling him better things are yet to come.


My side of the story (as written in the Jan 2012 issue of Kerygma Magazine's feature on Jun)

Jun and I got married January 2008. At present, we have 2 beautiful girls and are still hoping we will still have a boy. I always tell Jun that he must be destined for bigger things since God saved his life so many times.  Or maybe our children or descendants will discover the cure for cancer.  Whatever it is, we know in our hearts that God's plans are always bigger than our biggest dreams.

Now, the little boy 42 years ago who was asking who will love him finally got his answer.  At present, he now has 3 girls who adore him and love him more than any man in the world.


  1. Damn these invisible ninjas chopping onions beside me! LOL!

  2. Told yah Jun is walking telenobela :)

    1. Jun said 1/4 pa lang daw to of the story. When is part 2-4 coming out...hahaha! Planning to sell it to Charo Santos...LOL!

  3. Wahahaha oo sa edad ni jun 1/4 pa nga lang ito ;) u can say, "and the rest was historu"