Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We are Megamallers (The Many Things to do in Megamall)

We go to different malls for different purposes:

Shangri-la and Rockwell for their location and Cinema.

Eastwood for their weekend events.

Ayala Malls for their Wifi (Sino nga  ba yung magaling na mga taong in-charge dyan)

Landmark for their mala tianggeng merchandise


Megamall because we are Megamallers!

The mall of the masses has been our default weekend place with the kids because we can just drop them in Toy Kingdom and not spend anything. We are kuripot that way.

Buying toys has never been my thing since I noticed that my girls lose interest in their purchase the moment they played with it once or twice.  (A thing they got from their mommy who loses interest in any piece of clothing she has worn more than twice)

Aba sino ba nanay nyang dalawang yan?

Anyway, just yesterday, September 13, 2014, Sasha and I had our usual Mommy daughter date in our favorite mall .  I decided to take  pictures of our usual routine to show you:

The 10 fun but inexpensive ways to enjoy Megamall:

1. MOVIE TIME :  Normally it is a choice between Active Fun/play area, painting or a movie. Of course I prefer watching a movie--just NOT in Megamall.  This time though, only Mega had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles showing.  So movie it is.  

Movie Tickets for 2 :  P460.00
Popcorn and Drink  :  P140.00  (optional, but Sasha can't do without it)
Total                        :  P600.00

Sasha's laughter was so worth the spend.  She couldn't stop talking about the turtles.  The thing about watching with a 5 year old though is that I had to explain what was happening so she can follow. I noticed that it is important that she understands or she will just sleep (like what she did when we watched Captain America and Superman)--- sayang naman bayad.  

2. Atrium Activity Center.  We had to run to the Atrium because Sasha wanted to pee after drinking so much Ice Tea from the movie.  I am picky when it comes to the washroom so I prefer going to the ones in Atrium and the new wing because it is always empty and clean.  It also has a changing area for Sky.

At the Atrium there was an activity in line with the moon cake festival.  You just have to present your P2,000 receipt from SM and you will get to play the dice game and win a prize! I have a bunch of receipts (I am a megamall shopper) but did not bring them so we just took a picture and bought ourselves a mooncake pasalubong for Sky.

Use of Washroom :  FREE :)
Mooncake             : P56.00

3. Giant Hilods: Also found at the 2nd Floor of the Atrium are gigantic shiny stones where EMOs and secret lovers can hang-out while listening to the piano player close by.  

My girls love it here because we can play hide and seek behind the pillars and slide on the stones.  
As I mentioned in my earlier entry http://gail-og.blogspot.com/2014/09/8-reasons-why-you-should-and-should-not.html  basta madulas magsslide sila.

A great place also for peyktur peyktur during day op.

Use of the Giant Hilod: FREE

4.  New Wing:   For those sosyals that are allergic to the Jol to the Ogs crowd, this is Megamall's way of saying we love you too.  A completely new wing that is currently crowd free (the high end shops are repelling the masses with an invisible force field).  This is where you can set your little ones free!  Here they can run, jump and pose for pics all they want.  While they're doing that you can relax knowing they won't get kidnapped kasi kumurap ka (because you blinked).

Use of the New Wing:  FREE (don't tell the Mega Crowd or else they will invade and conquer)

5.  People Watching (still at the new wing) :  When we were there, we noticed a long line that completely went around the third floor.  This got Sasha and me excited because pareho kaming chismosa. So we rushed to see what the commotion was about---watching each and every reaction of the people in line til we reached their final destination - Ippudo!  The world famous Japanese Ramen place is now open in Megamall!  

Good thing Sasha only has one destination when it comes to food and its something we don't have to wait in line for.

People watching : FREE

6.  Dinner at Sbarro:  If you ask Sasha where she wants to eat the answer will always be Sbarro for their baked ziti (which she calls pasta pastita).  We have been giving in to her requests til the time we felt we were perspiring pasta pastita.  So Sbarro has been banned by daddy.  But since it's a date between Sasha and mommy, guess where we ate?

Food and Drinks: P365.00  

If you prefer to save some more you can go to Jollibee or the food court. If it was just me, I usually just get the Chinese Lumpia at Polland for P70.00 but I do not like eating in the crowded food court of Megamall when I am with Sasha.  
If you are an extreme cheapskate, I discovered that there is a Shawarma place in front of the grocery that sells Shawarma rice at P40.00.  If you want something cheaper, follow us for number 7.

7. Snowpy - Our trip to Megamall is never complete without stopping by this ice cream place.  At P7.00  their ice cream is almost 3 times cheaper than cornetto.  Sasha wants her ice cream with mallows tho and for that you have to shell out P25.  At dahil kuripot super galante ako I buy my yayas the P7.00 cone too! 

8.  Building A Activity Center - This is the area in front of Toy Kingdom.  You have to close your kids' eyes tho because from Snowpy to this place you will have to pass by the arcade (Timezone and Fun House) area which Sasha now ignores because she knows my answer will always be NO!

On the way tho, we stopped by the Orly Spa booth to try on the different lip balms but ended up buying scented oils instead.

The activity center is where artists perform for free.  This is where they also display themed stages for photo op moments during events / holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

Last Saturday, Chuckie had an event where for a minimum purchase of P50.00 your kid can play in their inflatable play ground for 20 minutes.

Unfortunately it says the play area is only for kids 7-12 years old.  My 5 year old Sasha was heartbroken.

So mommy used her charms and got her in--for 1 hour and 20 minutes! 

Sasha even bumped into her prep school bff Shin

We could have stayed some more but it was already 9pm and poor baby Sky was waiting for us.

Chuckie Inflatable Play Ground :  P84.00 (I bought 7 mini Chuckies for Sasha's daily baon)

9.  Toy Kingdom -  was our second to the last stop.  This is usually the first place we go to if we had no movie scheduled that day.  

Here you can let your kids play with their favorite toy and not spend for it.   Sasha always just bikes around even if she already has 2 bikes at home.  Kanya kanyang trip.  Then she looks at the latest boxes of play dough molders and attempts to persuade me to buy her a new one every time --- a routine we repeat weekly (til she realizes she will never win with a kuripot (cheapskate) mom.

If we are in a good mood or if daddy is tired from running after Sash while she bikes he will shell out P150.00 or so for Sasha to paint inside Toy Kingdom.  But since it was late and we already watched a movie, painting will have to wait til our next visit.

Toy Kindgdom : FREE

10.  Pet Store - Daddy usually gets the car while we wait for him by the basement exit where Sasha and Sky plays by the ramp.  If daddy takes longer than usual, we stop by the petshop nearby to play with the dogs, hamsters and birds. Another cheap thrill that comes for FREE.

Our date ended just as they were about to close the mall.  I only spent a little over a thousand (maybe half without the movie) but it was money well spent since I got much, much more in return.

  I love being a mom!

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  1. That looks an awesome place. I'm gonna try to visit it. I'm pretty sure me and my friends are going to love it. Check out the Shops in Circuit Makati, you'll love it too. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!