Saturday, October 4, 2014

10 Reasons why Silk Road BGC is the way to Thai Heaven

I like Japanese and Thai, my hubby likes American and fried. 

I need my rice and Jun can live on steak, ramen and burgers.

And because I’m not picky with food and he needs some fattening here and there I let him get his way.
Until we met the reason that will change his view of Thai food forever!

Chef Cecile Chang of Silk Road Thai Bistro


Sorry I meant THIS:

Yep, Jun is a convert. In fact he and our good friend Albert have already scheduled our next visit to Silk Road Thai Bistro this coming Friday.  Whether the reason is the first, or the second photo, I do not mind, I like them both---and I'm a supportive wife who loves Thai food.

So to Thai and non-Thai food lovers, let me give you the 10 reasons why you should go  and keep on coming back to Silk Road:

1.   Chic, Clean and Modern interiors that shout class.  

 The unique touches like the Buddhas, Thai lanterns and the orchid on each table is an indication that the owner is passionate and true to her love for anything and everything Thai.

2.  The alcohol.  

We came on a Sunday for lunch, but Silk Road transforms into a sophisticated dining haven at night where you can enjoy good food, a cozy ambiance and a wide selection of spirits daily until 1 am.

3.  They accept all forms of payment including bitcoin!  

A double promo for friends who run Bitcoin locally :)

4.  Parking is easy-breezy.

I didn't just say that so you can see our matching sun dresses as we pose by the parking area behind Silk Road.  But YES you can easily park in the huge area on 3rd street.  There use to be a lot of parking in front but they closed it already for construction.

5.  Silk Road now serves buffet lunches every Friday.   This is something my friend Albert wanted to try.  For less than P500 (which is the cost now for a bowl of ramen), you can have unlimited serving of your Thai favorites.

Since it's new and I do not have a picture of that yet, enjoy this shot of ericjazfoodies instead.

6.  Oh and did I not mention that the Chef and owner is a sight to behold?

And since we look like sisters, I couldn't agree more!
(Magkakakulay lang ang buhok namin tatlo ni Buddha)

7.  And the people who come to the place are hot too!

Another shameless reason to post more of our pictures...

8.  Ok, ok, ok enough of the long introduction.  The main reason you should go to Silk Road is the FOOD!  Why do I love thee -- let me count the ways...

 My favorite was the Thai Ravioli : Shitake mushrooms and sesame beef wrapped in steamed rice paper and topped with vegetables and flakes. This my friends, is a schizo dumpling who thinks it's a lumpia. This is an original creation of Chef Cecile hence you cannot find it elsewhere. Promise, this is sooooo good it deserves an extreme close up come back to remind you that this is something you should not miss.

Thai Ravioli
Freshly made steamed rice paper, sesame beef, shiitake mushroom. The best way  to start your meal!!! 330.00

Mieng Kham
Traditional Thai appetizer, be adventurous and give it a try!195.00

It looks too beautiful to eat.  But don't be fooled, it is so fresh, so light, so distinctly Thai it will be more beautiful inside your tummy.

Satay Duo
Chicken and pork skewers with cucumber relish and peanut sauce 285.00
 This reminded me of that favorite BBQ you love to eat as a child.  It was unfortunate we can only get 1 stick each --I would have ordered for more but there were more dishes I had to try (and mahina sa kaddiet  ang kalaban).

Son-in-Law Eggs
A traditional celebratory dish, great as a snack 195.00

I was told that in native Thailand, this is what parents served to their son-in-law to warn them of what will happen if they fooled around and hurt their daughter.  Don't ask me if it's good---as you know from my previous entry  (Crisp by Erwan), I love eggs!

Prime Angus Beef Salad
Herbs, lime and chili 380.00

Did you just say Angus beef?  Jun always loves his steak grilled to well done perfection (in other words sunog (burnt)) so you will be surprised that he loved this so much that it is now one of his ultimate favorites.  (Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks)

Siamese Pork Ribs
Grilled cinnamon caramel pork ribs 310.00
Speaking of well done goodness, check out these babies...(I'm now starting to see why my husband now has a whole new perspective on Thai food)

Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab
Tomatoes, onions, spring onions 465.00
Enough of Jun, let me show you what I liked. If the ravioli was my favorite appetizer, THIS was my favorite main course.  Crunchy, tasty, soft shell crab!

Thanglor Beef
Slowly cooked for 6 hours, a dry curry... the influence of Malay in Thai cooking 358.00
 These were so soft it will just melt in your mouth.

Pad Thai
Rice noodles, pork, shrimps, egg and bean sprouts 340.00
 And what's a Thai restaurant without Pad Thai? Chef Cecile perfected that egg net others dare to copy in vain.

Silk Road Thai Chicken Basil
 This was something I only found inside my camera roll because it was finished even before I can say "pass please luiiiisss!"

Khao Pad
Choice of chicken or pork, egg, kaffir served with nam pla prik305.00

Silk Road Signature Rice
Mixed vegetables, lemongrass, egg, pork crispies and Thai chorizo 330.00
And just when I swore off carbs ---they bring these (rice na, ulam pa goodies)...My diet can always wait til tomorrow.

9.  Do you know that Chef Cecile even flies out to Thailand regularly to source most of her ingredients?

I found that out because I was curious about those leaves that you can use to wrap any of the dishes I mentioned earlier.  

10. BUT  the best thing that I loved about Silk Road  is how Chef Cecile made us feel special with these:  

Not one, not two, but THREE fresh, giant Tilapias coated with rock salt and grilled to perfection.  Something not found in the menu but you can order ahead of time.

I just met her, so just imagine how much extra loving she gives to her loyal patrons like Jericho over there, who even got his own birthday cake from Costa Brava (even if his birthday was 2 weeks ago)---and he misspelled bottomless in Silk Road's posters :) (So if you see those---don't blame the chef, blame the birthday boy)

Belated Happy Birthday Jericho!
To Chef Cecile, Kathi and Jaz...thank you for introducing us to Silk Road. We had an awesome time

Cheers to friendship, good food, more birthdays and Tinder (inside joke)... 

Let me leave you with this picture of me holding the son-in-law egg.  Jun be warned.

Me (while holding this egg):  Jun who is the most gorgeous woman in the whole wide universe????
Jun:  You of course!

Mabuti nang malinaw :)

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