Sunday, October 12, 2014

Glog's Favorite Food (and where to get them best)

I would like to believe I have good taste.

I mean check out my husband...

My fashion sense...

And my choice of friends...

How can you not trust me?  LOL

I have to say tho that when it comes to food, my recommendations are also always spot on.  This has been honed by years and years  of doing  partner management where my main task is to close deals (and eat in various places).  And even more years of being a mommy where eating out should not only be about good food but value for money as well.

(Apologize if I had to grab some photos.  I never really took photos of my food as they were never cuter than my kids.  But since I am already a blogger (kuno) I am just starting to do it now)

So without further chorva, here are my (and my family's) favorite food .  And when I say favorite, I can eat it over and over and over and just stop when I die of gluttony, heart attack or cholesterol.

A. FOOD FAVORITE #1:  Original, Healthy, Clean Tasting Japanese Food
WHERE TO GO for Japanese Food #1:  Inagiku, Shangri-la Makati

WHAT TO GET:  Gindara Shiogama Yaki (Grilled Silver Cod in Salt Block: P1200)

photo from food spotting

When I was with Verizon, I would meet up with top executives of local telco companies to negotiate lower termination rates.  We believed a good meal will make them think better so we always brought them to Shangrila Makati ( My boss will not eat anywhere else).  For a long time I was so sick of anything from there.  But this dish changed my mind forever.  

It was sooo juicy and soft you will forget the price.  
I would even order the set menu which can range from 3,000 - 9,000php.
But if you really just want to try this one, you can order it alone with just rice on the side.
Promise it's really good.

Now I can only dream of going back.  

If the price worries you, try also Sugi's version of this dish.  Equally yummy!

WHERE TO GO For Japanese Food  #2 Kai

photo from howomg
WHAT TO GET:  Wasabi Oysters Tempura with Balsamic Dynamite P250.00

photo from one of my favorite blogs : Jinlovestoeat
I am NOT a fan of oysters nor did I ever like Wasabi---so this dish must be really good for me to include it in my list.  Yes, I brought many partners and closed many deals because of this appetizer. Tastier than your usual shrimp tempura.  I can go back to Kai over and over for these oysters alone.

Greenbelt 5

Unit 1-112 Greenbelt 5Legaspi StLegazpi Village, Makati(02) 757-5209

AND OF COURSE, Last in my Jap list but definitely first in taste and goodness is...

WHERE TO GO #3:  Albert Santillana's Sushi Cake and Japanese Dinner
(only by invitation)
People meet Albert
It was just too good it deserves a whole blog entry to itself (wait for it).  I would have gone back over and over and pay for his dishes but I may not be able to afford it because he buys only the best ingredients and cooks with a Sushi knife from Japan that is more expensive than your gadget.

To Albert, malapit na birthday ko--ehem, ehem...

B.  FAVORITE FOOD #2 : Maki 
(I love Maki and Salmon Sashimi so much, I would hate to put them all in just one category)

WHERE TO GO for Maki #1:  Sumo Sam

WHAT TO GET:  Philadelphia Roll (P268)

Speaking of Japanese, there are a lot of restaurants now that are good but will not burn a hole in your wallet.  I specially go to Sumo Sam and John and Yoko if I want wagyu that is within my mommy budget.  But when I get there I always, always, always get the Phili roll instead which is a combination of 2 of my all time favorites : Salmon and Cream Cheese.  After that I am solved.

I first met Albert (the guy who made us the best Japanese meal) in Sumo Sam.
Jun once asked me where I wanted to go and eat for mother's day (I can take any pick and I chose to get the Phili roll), I am easy to please like that.

I remembered this dinner with my girlfriends where we had several orders of the Phili maki alone at Sumo Sam Shang-rila

You can find a Sumo Sam in the ff malls: Powerplant, Shangrila, Trinoma, Greenbelt, Gateway, Megamall, MOA, Rob Mag, Solenad, Lucky China Mall, Podium, Southmall, AyalaHub, Olympia ans SM City Gen San.
WHERE TO GO for Maki #2: Tempura Japanese Grill

photo by

WHAT TO GET: Uncle Sam's Maki (P210)

And then I discovered these similarly yummy goodies from a restaurant just a few steps from our former office.  Tempura Grill's Uncle Sam's Maki  (cream cheese, shrimp, mango, mayo and bacon bits).  Some people may find this too rich because of the thick mayo and bacon bits on top, but rich suits this donya quite well.

Angela Jaojoco and me at Japanese Tempura Grill
Just check out me and my office friend Angela going back to Tempura Japanese Grill  (even if we work for different companies now which are quite far from this restaurant that used to be just beside our office in Rufino Building Ayala Makati) .  You just have to go back to good memories.

Aside from the Ayala Convergys Branch we go to, you can find a Tempura Grill in the other ff places: Moa, UN Ave, ATC, Tomas Morato, Shopwise Cubao, Greenhills, Trinoma, Banawe, Makati Ave, SM Southmall, Rob Place Manila and Retiro

C.  FAVORITE FOOD #3:  Cream Based Pasta

WHERE TO GO for Pasta #1:  Vivere Hotel's The Nest (Dining in the Sky)

This newly rennovated restaurant not only provides good food but a great view as well.
Perfect for "pa-impress" dates.

WHAT TO GET:  Chicken, Mushroom and Boursin Pasta

This photo just does not do this pasta justice because I swear it is the BEST cream pasta we have ever tasted in our life!  
It is made of white wine cream sauce infused with garlic herbed cheese and shitake mushrooms over their fresh home-made linguine.  The grilled chicken on top completes this favorite pasta of ours.
The ingredients were as generous in real life, as described in their menu.

Just check out the reactions of my girls to this yummy goodness:

After they've tasted this, they never touched pasta with red sauce ever again.

Make your reservation at Vivere or the Nest here.

WHERE TO GO For Pasta #2:  Trattoria Gourmet

photo from foursquare
 WHAT TO GET: Penned with Three Cheeses P265.00
photo from triggerhappyfoodie

For those who haven't been there, how dare you, it's been in Shangri-la mall, in that same spot (going to the MRT exit) as far as I can remember.

This place serves the most al dente and fresh pastas in the area.  Our favorite being this one since if you notice from the previous featured dishes, we love cheese!

This one combined Fontina, Parmegiano and Ricotta in one plate.  And since we can't get enough of cheese we even request for it to be topped with parmesan.

The only thing that will beat the cheesy goodness of this pasta are my husband's pickup lines.

Trattoria GourmetShangri-la Plaza Mall

5/F Shangri-La Plaza MallEDSAWack Wack, Mandaluyong(02) 637-2784

D.  FAVORITE FOOD #4: Buffets and all the food that goes with it.

OK, ok, to be clear, Jun likes his steak, roast lamb and lobsters while I like cheese, salmon sashimi, argula salads and foie gras----since we cannot agree on our food choice, we often go to a buffet, where we can eat all our favorites in peace.

WHERE TO GO For Buffet #1 :  Sofitel Manila: Sprirals

THANK God for Jun's family (who has made Spirals the venue for almost all our family reunions), we are able to experience what we believe is the biggest and most extensive buffet in Manila--almost every month!  (Now you know why it's hard for me to lose weight)

Only Spirals has that infamous cheese room where you can probably lock me up for a week.


Jun's favorites: Steaks, Roast Lamb and Lobsters / Giant Crabs 
Gail's favorites:  Salmon Sashimi, Arugula Salad, Cheese and an array of gummy goodies and chocolates for dessert.

Jun's First Round

Jun's 2nd Round
Jun's 3rd Round

Gail's First Round
And my last and final round

And the winner is: Spirals!  You will be surprised that despite the 3K php / head cost of the buffet,it is always full with people who do not mind shelling out their hard earned money for good food.

We love you Spirals but we love our family who pays for our bill even more :)

WHERE TO GO For Buffets #2:  Sambokojin

WHAT TO GET:  Salmon Sashimi, Raw Meat and Shrimps for Grilling

and everything else too

My brother once claimed he finished 90 pcs of those grilled shrimps.  The story alone made my nape hurt.  I can't anymore count how many times I've been returning to this place but I may have claimed 4 free buffets already for filling out 4 of their loyalty cards.

Mother's Day and

My Birthday was spent in Sambokojin
Because the birthday celebrator gets to eat for free (7-days on or before his/her birthday)

Dinner at Sambokojin in only P699.00 
Go to the Edsa branch.  I like the Salmon Sashimi there better than the Eastwood branch or
the Salmon Sashimi in other buffets like Yakimix.  Promise I can really tell the difference. 


Special mention to Paseo Uno Buffet tho which I believe is no longer open as of this writing.

It was there where I first over dosed in Foie Gras

And I was able to put all my favorite food in one plate:  Salmon Sashimi, Steak, Foie Gras, Cream Cheese Maki and Paella
We will miss you Paseo Uno!

E.  FAVORITE FOOD #5: Fast Food

WHERE TO GO for Fast Food #1:  Jollibee

WHAT TO GET IN JOLLIBEE:  Burger Steak Meal P80.00
(plus P17 for upgrade from coke to pineapple juice)

As I mentioned earlier, my kids do not eat red spaghetti (unless they have no choice).  And in Jollibee they have a choice and it is always the burger steak. No need to go ultimate since we find it odd to have fries on rice (talk about carbs on carbs) ---but it has to be the 2 pcs meal with pineapple juice because 1 pc is just not enough.  

We had to stop Sasha from eating this daily because we know that fast food is not healthy but when we feel lazy or cheap we get this for her (and for me).

Do not be surprised if this is what we serve you during our Jollibee parties. Burger steak - we love you!



You can never go wrong with KFC's fried chicken and gravy.  If it was a battle royale of all the local fastfoods, 
I will always choose to go to Kentucky for their juicy chicken with all its secret herbs and spices.
That is also a reason why I never really know how Chicken Joy tastes like because when we want chicken, it's automatic : KFC! KFC! KFC!  
(Whenever we try chicken in some other fancy place, we just always end up saying--we should have just gone to KFC tsk tsk tsk)!  That is even after we've just been there yesterday.
The KFC bucket is also our default (pang potluck) item.  And despite all the food, the KFC chicken is always the first to go.
Just like Jollibee, tho there are other stuff in their menu we always stick to what we love to order best and in Kentucky we just need one piece (or maybe 2) to make our day.


WHAT TO GET AT YELLOW CAB:  Dear Darla P325 - P680.00

My former office always orders Yellow Cab pizza for any occasion.  That is why I got so sick of it.  That was until I tasted this unusual pizza with an unusual name.
Its made of rolled thin crust pizza loaded with fresh arugula (did you just say ARUGULA) and alfalfa sprouts for a unique experience.  Toppings include pepperoni, button mushroom, onions, black olives and capers.

My mom can finish a whole large pizza to herself.  She feels that the vegetables make it healthy.   I tell you its the arugula!  Because of this pizza, I now often put arugula and alfalfa sprouts in anything--that is if they're available in our nearby grocery stores (these veggies are always out of stock).

Jun of course still needs to order his usual pepperoni pizza but that's all good to me because that just means:
Dear Darla, I can have you all to myself.

Pair this pizza with Yellow Cab's creamy tomato soup (P100) and you will be one happy mommy with one happy tummy.

Trivia: Do you know that Yellow Cab is just a local brand?  Bet you first thought it was some franchise from New York didn't you.

(We go to the one in Pioneer Pasig)

WHAT TO GET IN UNCLE MOE's:  Kebab, Shawarma and Ox Brain
(then pair your order with a cold bottle of All My Tea or sub zero San Mig light)

You can count the food that Sasha picks when we eat out in one hand:  Sbarro Baked Ziti, Jollibee Burger Steak, The Nest's White Pasta, KFC chicken and Uncle Moe's Kebab.

It's that or she won't eat.  I don't blame her because I introduced her to all these which are favorites of mine too.
The kebab meal is about P140 which includes 3 pcs of kebab, salsa and buttered rice.  We can share that.
But with my appetite I usually order the beef shawarma as well, while Jun gets the ox brain (which Sky likes too).

This is also where Ericjazfoodies and myself rekindled our friendship : Over those tasty kebabs (that do not have that nasty underarm smell) and that generous beef serving of Uncle Moe's Shawarma.
Do not forget that mayonaissey white sauce to complete your yummy experience to cholesterol heaven.

photos from Jazmin Gatdula Yap and Eric Yap of ericjazfoodies

I know there are more photos of us sharing the infamous Kebab of Uncle Moe's but this is what I can find for now.

To Uncle Moe's (whoever you are)  you should make us honorary stock holders by now because of how much we contributed to your pioneer store's success.  In fact there are now 2 new persian restaurants nearby (one in front and the other beside) but we still choose to go where our hearts (or tummies) take us and that is to you.

Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub
16 United St
Kapitolyo, Pasig
(02) 634-7943

Julia Vargas
City Golf Arcade, Dona Julia Vargas Ave
Ugong, Pasig
(02) 468-47

You know that we (or ok Jun) love Ramen too.  You can read about our favorite ramen place here :Ippudo made me love ramen

and also our favorite Thai food resto here: Why we just love Silk Road BGC
since this entry has gone longer than I expected. 
(So sorry Jun --I can no longer accommodate your other favorite places like Ninak for its beef belly and pho hoa for its beef bowl)

 I congratulate you for reading til the end.  It took me longer to write it believe me.  I hope I made you hungry enough to try our favorites as for sure, you will bump into us in the places I listed here.  Think of Glog as you try that pasta from the Nest, those Oysters from Kai or just when you see cream cheese in your grocery or maybe when you meet someone named Darla :) (In my Kris Aquino voice)  Darlaaaa try this, I swear it's so goood HA,HA,HA, HAW  Soraaaap!

Happy Eating Everyone!


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