Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Manila, Luneta at kung anik anik pa (with family)

My hubby leaves it all up to me to decide where and what team Campo  will do every Saturday.  And since I’m the queen shopper, guess where we always end up (We are Megamallers)….

Name it, SM, Robnison, Rockwell, Podium, Eastwood, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Landmark, BHS, Shangrila,ATC…repeat from the top…Sm, Robinsons…  

 Until I realized how I never really remembered any mall outing I had with my parents (hmmm, may mall na ba nun?).  The family outing that I remember was always that stroll in Luneta Park  I had with my dad  when he was still alive (which makes me 5 yrs old or younger).  So for me to remember something that has happened 20 years ago (sorry I'm poor with Math lol), it must be special right?  

So I rested my credit cards and planned our trip to Manila where memories are built and local culture is introduced

Sasha was perhaps 3 turning 4 then so I'm writing this out of memory with much fondness--for our stroll down the streets and parks of Manila will always be one of the best weekend trips I have planned.

Let me tell you why:

It all started with some unclaimed fountain show tickets I had from a previous trip to Ocean Park which is just walking distance from the parks in Manila

We arrived early so we decided to play in the park right across it.  The grass is thinning like my waistline but it was nice enough for my little girl to run around in.

There were nice colorful balloons being sold by vendors and as expected Sasha wanted me to buy her this and buy her that...

So I decided to get her this chopper toy because I felt it will last longer than a balloon but it broke in a day.  Well I guess it was still cheaper than an hour in Active Fun which probably has the same effect on Sasha in terms of entertainment factor.

I have this thing too of posing with the sculptures and statues around which Jun finds annoying...(because he is always the designated photographer)

...But he has no choice but to accept since Sasha does it too.

Another thing I force my family to do with me is the jump shot.  

Kuya in the park: Wala kyo sa inverted jump shot ko!

Show off ! lol

When there was still more than an hour to go before the fountain show, we decided to ride Manila's
version of a horse driven carriage.

Make sure to haggle well because a lot of people are trying to earn from your ignorance.
Specially if you have a husband with green eyes.  Everyone thinks he is a dollar earner.
"Hey Joe, wanna buy a watch?"

They will give it at P500.00 for a walk around Intramuros.  But if you haggle you will realize that they can go as low as P250.00.  Just like a single cinema ticket.

(Note: When we were about to go down, our carriage driver tried his luck to pull a fast one on us by saying his P250.00 quote was per head.  I was ready to give him a huge tip but dishonesty turns me off--so I handed him P350.00 and said Manong, I'm sorry this is all I have and went down feeling sad at how some people like that give Manila and the Philippines a bad impression.

Believe me more people in Manila are more  warm, hospitable and honest.  And I'm sad to highlight Manong's attempt, but I just want to give everyone a warning that everywhere, there are people who are up to no good.  Be vigilant. Ask.  And don't act like you have so much dollars  (even if my hair was blonde, my daughter speaks with a twang and my husband looks like a Joe).

I guess what is more important to note is that Sasha had fun.  People were waving at her and of course stage mommy was the one who waved back (My chance to feel like a beauty queen)

There was a stop over at Fort Santiago.  We were not able to enter because it was getting late and we had a show to catch.

So we just took pictures outside.

This hat was just too pretty, but it was either the hat or that gliding bird.  And the bird won.
(This was Sasha's day anyway--Besides I vowed it was a no shopping day)

Oops I thought Kuya was a staute so out of instinct I posed beside him for a picture. He thought I was a celebrity and asked for a picture with me too! ...Quits lang kame.

 When we got down, Sasha and Daddy played with the flying, home made, gliding bird we bought in Fort Santiago.  (I still prefer the hat but I was out voted by these two)

Before we proceeded to Ocean Park, we bought the kids who lived in the area some ice cream. 
 I love this picture!  It reminds me how things you find as small gestures are big deal to a lot of people.  Just look at everyone's smile. 

After a long day around Manila, it was Showtime!

I always raise my hand when people ask for volunteers!  I'm Bibo like that.

When it was time for the fountain show, we were asked to wear this grocery bag rain coats because
if you sit near, there is a huge possibility that you will get wet.
Bye, bye curls.  (Kinulot ko pa naman buhok ko para sa lakad na ito--pansin nyo?)

The show was short but fun.  
I tried watching it through Sasha's 3 yr old eyes and I was like: "Look, wow, ooh, aaaah, weee, tara na wiwiwi nako!"

To cap our long day in Manila, we had late dinner at the Chicken Inasal restaurant in front of 
Ocean Park. It was the nearest one we can find without riding the car.  We were just too tired to go elsewhere. It was good tho because check out my huge, juicy Chicken/Liempo combo that screams:  "I love Manila baybe!"

We spent less than a thousand (excluding the show tickets) and it was money well spent.
We went back again after this to check out Luneta and Museo Pambata (kids museum) which was also in the area.

There was no shopping but there were tons of memories and fun.

I wish Sasha will have the same memories I had with my dad who first brought me to Luneta Manila in 1979.  Because at the end of the day they will not remember the games they played in their gadgets but they will always remember the fun you had when you spent time with them.  :)


Ayaw nyo ako pabilihin ng hat ha!  Ito sa inyo!


  1. Wonderful post mare! This may be your longest and I love itttttt!

    1. I wanted to put a lot of our pictures ;) lets do this with the Bp gang bangers

  2. very nice post Mare... loveit..