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Project Kapitolyo: Gostoso Piri Piri Chicken

Children what is Piri piri Chicken?

According to Wikipedia it means Chicken with the piri piri sauce.


I have to admit tho the name is what attracted me first to the small restaurant in Kapitolyo.

Until I realized what the Piri Piri sauce is made of:

Piri piri sauce[edit]
Piri piri sauce (used as a seasoning or marinade) is Portuguese in origin and "especially prevalent in Angola, Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa".[5] It is made from crushed chillies, citrus peel, onion, garlic, pepper, salt, lemon juice, bay leaves, paprika, pimiento, basil, oregano, and tarragon.[6]
Recipes vary from region to region but the common ingredients will be the chilli, lemon, oil, red bell peppers and garlic. Today it can be easily made in a blender.[7]
I was never a fan of anything "hot" except my husband (nakanaman, libre, libre, libre) so this was not in my priority list.  But since we promised we will try every restaurant in the kapitolyo strip (a vow which we aptly called : Project Kapitolyo), I was actually excited to bring Jun there. Besides I knew he liked everything spicy and hot (a reason why he married me---quits).
Ironic tho that it is my first ever entry in this category.  Maybe because we tried it late, in the same way I am a late bloomer in this blogging thing.  But enough about me.  Let me tell you about Gostoso.

Quite ecstatic to have gotten 1 out of the 2 parking slots in front.  
We arrived at exactly 12nn on a Sunday, after attending mass.  I was expecting a crowd but it was just us... and the tables...and chairs.  I have to say the interiors were lovely and clean tho--just like me and my conscience (grabe ang corny).

We were excited to order.  The price seems fair---altho a quarter chicken (thigh and leg) costs more than a whole roast chicken in S&R. But guys remember, you pay for the awesome interiors and the piri piri sauce.  Besides, I did not come for the chicken, I came for the Porco Gostoso which I have read in other blogs to be awesome.  

Gostoso Menu 
While waiting, I took a photo of the Piri piri sauce. This is the star which sets this restaurant apart from the other roast, grilled, bbq restaurants in the area.

It was 2 jars of blended chili you combine depending on your spice preference.  Be warned tho, the red one is the mild sauce, while the yellow one is hot.

 There is an idiot board for idiots :) 
( Duh) 

There is also a huge sign that says "Order Here" by the counter but there is a waiter who takes your orders and explains to you also how the piri piri sauce works again (Duh)---yes, yes we get it, you mix the red and the yellow, --tadah!  

 A sign beside the counter says you get free iced tea for every quarter chicken ordered so I got that.  I'm a sucker for freebies.  Besides the photo looked tempting and the iced tea looked larger than the chicken (just saying so i can say duh again)

No that yummy thing on the table is not the Porko Gostoso (even if she looks like it)--- it's Sky!

...And she is the customer you have to impress.
Now for the food.
This was the popular Porko Gostoso at P315.00.  It will not come with rice if you did not get the meal 
which was P400 for additional rice and 2 sides with Iced Tea.  We should have ordered that if I knew that we will end up ordering for extra rice and side anyhow!  (Duh) .  This is something we wished we were reminded of. I can read Mr. Waiter's thought bubble saying --duh back to you!
What we got was the ala carte order which came with the pork sliding from left to right on the big white plate. No presentation whatsoever .  But I can live without presentation if this was good and it looked good.
Extra Rice : P48.00
Then the chicken arrived.  Jun wanted the ribs part of the chicken but I always feel I'd rather get the leg-thigh combo (which Jun does not eat) because it had more meat.  So the pork that I wanted went to Jun and I had to take the chicken.    Gostoso chicken meal:  P200 (1 side and 1 cup rice with iced tea).
The Side Dish
Creamed Spinach 

This was the side dish recommended by our waiter which came with the chicken meal.  We were however finished with the chicken when we remembered they forgot to bring it.  (Duh )

Creamed Corn : P70
We ordered the corn with cream for Sky and she loved it.  

Just look at her go---Go Sky Go!
And the meat lover was serious as he attacked the poor pork.
Just look at him go: Go Jun, Go!
The Verdict:
1.  Pork Gostoso - It was soooooo soft, it will melt in your mouth.  But I kinda was looking for either the typical charcoal grilled taste which it did not have.  I was also wishing I had salt, catsup or bbq sauce because it would have been perfect with it. I dare not ask if they had any because the point with piri piri is you gotta have the piri piri sauce and I realized I was not the piri piri kinda girl.
2.   Piri Chicken - Just like its pork counterpart it was missing taste. However it was likewise soft and juicy.  I was surprised I did not finish my chicken despite being so hungry.  We were able to take home the leg part and it was yummier at home with tomato catsup. 
3.  The Creamed Spinach - Likewise bland. I think my taste buds does not compliment the food in Gostoso.
4.  The Creamed Corn - Sky's favorite.  
Now that I think about it, the sides had cream maybe to counter the chili from the piri piri sauce.  OMG, I'm so smart--if only I was smart enough to order the pork meal!

5.  As for the Piri Piri sauce - It wasn't for me.  The red one tasted like blended red bell peppers in oil and the yellow which Jun tried was according to him SUPER Hot but not as hot as his dates that day.

While waiting for our bill another couple came in asking for recommendations from the waiter. Obviuosly first timers like us. I always believe you can tell if a restaurant is good if you have customers who come back. 

Our total bill was P663.  Could have only been P630 with an extra siding and iced tea had i ordered the pork gostoso meal---yes I could not get over it (because I just realized it now as I am making this entry--duh)

 I nevertheless had a great time.  Because no matter where we go, no matter where we eat, it's the company that matters.  
(PS: Sasha at 5 yrs old has her own "thing" every Sunday with her cousins)
So it's just the 3 of us :)

and our left over Take Out.

We are no food experts.  Maybe Piri Piri is not for us but it was definitely worth the visit.  Zomato rates it at 3.8 stars  and a lot who are into Portugese food says its one of the better ones around.

Gostoso Piri Piri Chicken
Kapitolyo51-B East Capitol DrPineda, Pasig(02) 477-7330

Leaving you all with :  The face of DUH :)

Mommy G

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