Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sky's 10+ celebrity lookalikes

It all started when Sky had her first haircut.  We just came from Tim Ho Wan for lunch and I realized how my baby bunso resembled the very popular pork bun:

A lot of times daddy Jun and I bite her for good luck.  Depending on her mood, she can resemble at lot of things, a lot of times.  So without further ado, here are the top 10 (in no particular order ) "look-alikes" of our daughter Sky:

1.  When I gave birth to her, my first reaction was OMG I gave birth to a siopao!!!

Do you see the uncanny resemblance? 

If not look again...

2.  Daddy Jun on the other hand think she is more like a fluffy marshmallow ...I really do not know where he got that from:

3.  Have you ever tried the local Filpino merienda dish, ginataan?  Sky is also a popular ingredient in that too:

4. Her look is so versatile that depending on what she is wearing, she can change who or what she resembles.  

If we were zombies, we would definitely eat Sky first.

5.  Oh don't get us wrong, Sky can look like a real person too:

  ...a god even!

6.  In fact, she is the perfect model for baby dolls:

Will the real Sky Pie please stand up and identify yourself ...

7.   She is indeed beary beary cute!

8.  I tell Jun she reminds me of those fat salagubangs that we use to catch when we were kids.  But he is right, Sky is cuter than that:

9.  Ok, ok I said celebrity.  Here is a real life one that bothers me a bit:

But more people say she resembles this celebrity more:

I do not blame them, I think Sky's mom resembles Kendra's mom kasi---o walang kokontra :)

10,  One thing is for sure tho, Sky will always be the ray of sunshine to our home.

Dear Sky, 

You can look like a lot of things and people but you will always be my mini-me :)

 Which means, you are going to grow up to be just fine.
More than fine actually---but really awesome.

Love and Kindness,

Mommy Gail