Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Traffic Selfie

They say, the 2 sure fire ways to irritate your haters is to be happy and to post a selfie of yourself while you're at it  (samahan mo pa ng duck face para atakihin sila sa inis)...

I would like to believe I do not have much haters because I wish everyone to be happy (whether they like me or not --recently lang yan after much soul searching).

As I was cleaning up my hard drive tho, I realized how all my selfies are always inside the car while I am stuck in traffic.  Idle minds are the devil's workshop they say.  So before I delete them let me immortalize them all in my blog.  Feel free to throw up anytime because I did.




 The One-Eyed SELFIE

The Dusk, Side Lit SELFIE

The Night, Break Lights Lit SELFIE

The I've got my eyes on you SELFIE

The Fresh-freshan lang SELFIE

The BB (Bella inspired Bampira) SELFIE
The Emotera

The Ultimate Duck Face SELFIE

The No Make-Up Monday SELFIE

The Reflector in the Cab SELFIE

The hilaw na tisay SELFIE

The Ninang sa Kasal SELFIE

The Chubbylita 

The Bangaw

The Wala lang feel ko lang mag-Selfie
(dahil traffic) SELFIE

The freckled look from the rain on my window SELFIE

 The Family Shirt with Family in the back SELFIE

The Family shirt with Nagmumurang grey contact lens SELFIE

 The di pa ako oily Night Out SELFIE

The Pa-Cute

The Look-up, Chin-up SELFIE

The Look-down, Chin Down SELFIE

And my most recent, nagmature (tumander cats ) na talaga ako SELFIE taken just yesterday.

Don't worry people, I do not ever use my phone while driving.  I take my infamous selfies while stuck in traffic (which we have a lot of)  for nothing better to do.

 This is a collection of 4 years of selfies and I was equally shocked when i collated them in one folder grabe kahit ako nainis (pero natawa) sa sarili ko!

I realized;
 If you post :I'm stressed, or I'm sad --people will think you are an EMO or a KSP.
If you post: I'm so blessed and add pictures of the reasons why --people will say you are arrogant, O.A or a Faker who's really sad in real life.
If you do not post, you are a snob.
If you do, you cannot keep secrets...


Bottomline, do what makes you happy.

Kung selfie man yan, or whatever naguumapaw na feelings you just want to share.

So to all the haters, here is something for you to hate more about. (keber)
 and to everyone,
Live, Laugh, Love and Selfie!

PS: I saved the best Selfie for last :)


  1. The second picture is not a rear view mirror selfie but, believe the appropriateness, a vanity mirror selfie! Hahaha!

  2. Ay oo nga i wasnt driving pala then ;) let me correct that ;)

  3. My eyes!!! My EYYYEEEES!!! I will have nightmares tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pero mare promise, no joke yung first selfie mo na stuck sa traffic.... ganda mo pa din kahit na candid.