Saturday, October 18, 2014

Who are the people in your neighborhood : The Painter

No I'm not referring to the Amorsolo OR the Da Vinci kind...

I am referring to this painter.

He was under the Guadalupe bridge with his partner cleaning and painting the steel under the bridge with orange.  His shirt and his face were covered with paint.

I took this first shot and wanted to get a clearer one when he suddenly faced me. So I rolled down my window and waved at him.
His face was confused on why this odd woman was waving at him but he smiled back (kala siguro type ko sya),

Then I shouted: "Kyo po nag pintura nyan--pati yung sa taas ng river?"  (Did you paint all of that even the one above the river?)  He nodded his head.  I said.  "Good job!"  Then gave him a salute out of instinct.

I imagine how hard and even dangerous his life must be--To probably earn around P400/day (8usd) just to feed his family through honest means when so many who we trust with our taxes cannot be contented with just one mansion or living comfortably that they need to steal to make themselves richer.

Majority of Filipinos are like Mr. Painter; Struggling to make ends meet.

I realized I respected him more than a lot of people I know who have earned degrees, fame and riches but are rotten, greedy and arrogant. He made me realize how lucky I am, inside my air-conditioned car going to a job that probably pays way more because I was privileged to have studied in good schools.

He was still smiling when I drove off.  I'm glad I made his day.

He deserved it.

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

The painter is a person in my neighborhood and he made the steel support under Guadalupe bridge orange. :)

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