Monday, November 3, 2014

A Monday of Gratitude

Manic Monday has been the theme song of my life since I was little.

For those who were not born yet when this became a hit--here is a link to that song. Warning---LSS potential high up the richter scale.

But really, what you dread most about the start of the work week is actually what you should be grateful for (this is me convincing myself).  If you are a student, be thankful for education.    A lot of under privileged kids would exchange places with you in a heartbeat.  If you are an adult, be thankful you have a job or a business to attend to.  That just means you are smart, skillful or have the money to provide for yourself.  If you are a housewife, be thankful you have a family to attend to.  

It's really all a matter of perspective and choice.

This Monday, I made a mental note to count the blessings that present itself to me. I challenge you to do the same, it's quite amazing

Monday, November 3, 2014

1.  Wake up:  Thank you for the gift of life.  I'm as healthy as healthy can be.  

2.  Thank you for waking me up ahead of everybody.  It's so peaceful.  I can browse my phone in peace.  My sleeping family is also a sight to behold.

2.  Thank you for my family.  Sky still makes me smile even when she is sleeping.  Sasha too is getting prettier and chubbier--taba and haba na ng legs.  And TY for Jun---he rarely snores.  I had a good sleep.

3.  Thank you for water.  We've got abundant supply of it---for shower and for brushing my teeth (oh thank you too for my teeth).  
 Also have 4 (5 liter jugs) for drinking--  (Mental thought of a zombie apocalypse.  I should always bring water with me.  Mawalan na ng kuryente wag lang tubig)

4.  Thank you for my education---which led me to my jobs---which provided me this comfortable living and all these clothes.  Now what do I wear today?

5.  Thank you for my mom who prepared breakfast and who is helping us out since our 2 helpers are on a week long vacation.

6.  Thank you for food--I'm having a sirloin burger with arugula and lettuce salad on the side for breakfast.

7.  Thank you for my car.  Its old and dirty but it brings me to work with ease.  No waiting for public transportation and cramming inside buses or the MRT.  Really wish transportation in the country was more reliable, comfortable and efficient.

8.  Wow there is no traffic---on a Monday morning???  Thank you!  
Travel time less than 30minutes

9.  Thank you for my home along Edsa.  We are in the middle of north and the south.

10.  Thank you for my parking.  And the people who continue to lend the slot to me.

11.  Thank you to my previous job---they have been very generous to me until now.

12.  Thank you that my parking is far from my office.  It forces me to walk and exercise.

Thank you for the trees that give shade to the path I walk.
Thank you that my job does not entail me to stand up in the streets to hand out loan flyers that people just throw after receiving.  (Hmmm let me see, no collateral loan, up to 1M...glad i don't need a loan)

13.  Thank you for so much things to do.  I'd rather be busy than be idle.  

14. Thank you for my helpful and just always cool friends at work.  Thank you Mark for sending me the reimbursement form today or for whatever help you just willingly extend.  

15.  Thank you Jaime and Nols for inviting me for lunch.  I really felt the sincerity because you really insisted.  And when I said I'll just have coffee...we really had coffee.  The thought is touching.

16.  Thank you that I found my shades just there on my table.  Thought I lost it and tried to buy a new one but the similar style was out of stock last Sunday.  It was a good thing since I did not lose it after all.

17.  Thank you for all the helpful people at work---special mention to concon, carlo, grace, jon, olive, patty, billy, etc... They are very good at what they do and it makes my job much easier because I work with them.

18.  (After our weekly cadence) Thank you for my team.  I am confident about the future of our project because I know I have good, reliable people.  Also used to being the jack of all trades and doing everything myself if  I can---so this is a refreshing change that I can rely on other people.

19.  Thank you for the coffee break  at Starbucks with office friends (Jaime, Nols and Mark).  Thank you Nols for your first salary treat ---I wish that you have a long, happy career in Yondu,

Thank you for yummy, cold chocolate drink.  Drinking cold chocolate always makes me happy.

20.  Thank you for this woman who is walking ahead of me as I go back to my parking.  She keeps the streets clean.  Thank you too to the security guards, and all these people working hard to make a living.  Everyone is making a contribution for the things they do.

21.  Thank you for free dinner c/o my generous Aunt who is celebrating her birthday.  Thank you Lord for blessing her 1 more year because she is a blessing to a lot of people.

Thank you for the lechon, fried chicken, blue marlin, pansit, kare kare and cake.  And thank you that I can eat them confidently because  I still can.

22.  Thank you for our weekly Walking Dead Monday night date.  This is actually the highlight of Jun and I's week---when we can sit down at home and just watch TV together.
This is the series we both enjoy.  Most of the time we cannot agree on our taste in tv programs.

23.  Thank you for 2 straight wins in my poker app--been on a losing streak for a week. 

24. Thank you for this day.  Excited for tomorrow. 

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