Friday, November 14, 2014

Hong Kong with a Toddler (a photo blog of how Sky enjoyed her first out of the country trip)

We just came home from HK and Jun and I are both sore all over because of all the walking and carrying we did for 4 days.  Double my soreness for wearing wedge sneakers in the name of fashion (Yes, I deserve the pain and punishment ).  We do not mind though as long as both our kids enjoyed the trip.  This was for them anyhow.

So if you are wondering if and how my 2 year old had fun, this Photo Blog would be her answer. 

Leaving at 4:30 a.m. for an early trip.  Poor baby was still very sleepy

At 6 am our family had an early breakfast at the airport
....well except for Sky who was still in deep sleep.
Learned a new way to diet: Eat with a sleeping 2 year old on your arms.

Carried her up to the farthest gate in the airport...It was a relief to be able to sit down!

She got tired from all the carrying.

Mommy got tired too so it was Daddy's turn to carry her to the plane. 

She really enjoyed her airplane ride.

Sky look at the clouds!  Wow, I'm sure she enjoyed the view from above.

Day 1 was a visit to Kowloon park, Avenue of the Stars and the Light show.
She was sleeping the whole time.  We did not have the energy to take pics because
we forgot the stroller and carried her the whole time.

Day 2:  This is Sky enjoying her first MTR ride to The Peak.

Falling in line for the tram ride proved to be too exhausting for her.

The view at the Peak was just too breath taking for Sky that she fell asleep.

The sun was too bright, she had to close her eyes too.

The 3 little pigs having lunch in Madame Tussaud's Museum

She wanted me to buy the small hello kitty toy at Mc Donalds so I am sure she got so excited over seeing this life sized version.

With her favorite hero!  Sky always watches You tube videos of Spiderman, I'm sure she got so excited with this!

Not even Hulk can wake this girl up!

Thank you Sky for the support you have given me as I accept my first Oscar.
All the climbing proved to be too exhausting for this little girl.  Time to go back to the hotel to rest.

Sitting while Sleeping is the new skill she developed in HK.

Sleeping during dinner at Cafe de Coral

Temple Street Shopping was something she really looked forward to.

We can park her here first and maybe come back for her later
and she would still not have moved

Day 3:  She picked the restaurant where we will eat.

She really liked it there.  

Strolling around the city and sight seeing was her favorite thing to do.

Just look at her having a blast!

Open your eyes and look right and left before crossing the street Sky!

She did love the Christmas decors in front of our hotel.

Posing in front of our hotel before we checked out and headed for Disney. Woohoo!

Sky loved the Disney train.  I'm sure she noticed the difference.

After checking in our HEAVY luggage and lots and lots of bags in Disney's Hollywood hotel--- we headed to Disneyland!
The Highlight of our trip!

Sky being happy in the happiest place on earth.

Entering Disneyland was a breeze!

Our first family photo in Disneyand

Believe it or not, she hated being on her stroller.  She would sometimes wake up and demand that I carry her.

Having dinner in Star Cafe.  We tried 2 restaurants in Disney for dinner but this was Sky's favorite.

Look at her having fun!

Lining up to see Elsa and Anna was too much waiting for her.  I had to literally open her eyes when it was our turn to meet and greet them.

The cool weather made it more comfortable for her to sleep.

She was the only one who did not enjoy the fireworks display because it was too bright and noisy.

Forced her to smile for this last photo before we went back to the hotel-- so she willingly obliged.

Did not want to be disturbed anymore after that.

Another attempt at a family photo.

Sky was too tired she fell asleep right away when we got back to the hotel.

Note:  We went back to Disney on our 4th day and yes, Sky finally opened her eyes!
(But don't worry, she went back to sleep again at around 3pm)

Our flight was delayed because of air traffic.  We waited for 2 hours inside the plane before take off and Sky was wide awake throwing the loudest tantrum in the world.
All that screaming made her sleepy.

And that was how Sky enjoyed her trip to Hong Kong!
In reality, she was not sleeping all the time.  She was wide awake at night wondering why were all so tired and keeping us up the whole night.

When we finally touched down in Manila we asked her how she found Hong Kong and Disneyland.

Her response:

SKY:   Hong Kong?  Mommy can I ride a plane pleeeaseeee?
(Yes she really said that)
I wanted to faint.


  1. One of your best blogs so far! Very very riveting!

  2. And that Bap was Sky's exciting vacation in Hong Kong, hope she was dreaming of it too :D .... Jun

  3. hahaaahahahaha Jun and I swore next time Sky travels dalaga na sya...period