Friday, November 14, 2014

The Plaza is LOVE

I rarely use the word love because I do not want it to lose its real potential in its true sense.

So when I say I love something it must mean the earth shook and I trembled---

Exactly how I felt when I met my husband and laid eyes on my 2 girls!

I also love Christmas—It’s the time we celebrate true love.  And with it comes the reunions, the carols, the cool air, the gifts and the food --- oh the food…Yes this is that season when we throw all diets to the wind and just indulge.

So when I saw this:

The Plaza Premium Baked Ham

And this:
The Plaza's Whole Roast Turkey

...Tears of utter joy! 

I really thought I was in food heaven and I knew my tummy was in love!

I must have been a good girl all year to be invited to the dinner of all dinners, the moment I stepped in the Reyes' residence in Mandaluyong. It was an honor to be in the same table as Millie Reyes, granddaughter of Engracia Cruz Reyes more popularly known as Aling Asyang who founded Aristocrat Restaurant in 1935.  She and her daughter Karla carries on the tradition of their family's expertise on good food via The Plaza.  Yup the only name my family knows when it comes to ham. Both ladies were very humble and a joy to be with.  

I see other food gurus Sandy Daza, Chef Robby Goco, and other food writers from top newspapers and magazines talking about what they know best: food.

I smiled as I introduced myself --Hi I'm Gail, now a name, soon a legend-now pass me that Smoked Salmon Pinwheel puhleeease!

These bite-sized canapes were just delish!  I may have eaten more than a couple.  

And then---I got a glimpse of that beautiful thing calling out to me.  No it's not dessert.  Guess again.
Clue:  It's rich cream cheese, eggs and onions topped with non-other than luxurious caviar  and surrounded with thin slices of lemons.  Spread it over a melba toast and you've got love.  There, I've used that word again.  Ooh-la-la!

If you are thinking of giving a unique gift this Christmas that will surely impress this is it people! The Caviar Pie will surely be the talk of your noche buena.

Mother-in-law:  Ooh, I never knew you had such fine taste dear!
You:  Oh, you are too kind.  Only the best for you mother :)

I bet, she and your spouse will love you the whole year after that.  And then you have to invest again.

Perhaps, offer to serve dinner and just order from The Plaza; an institution known for their tried and tested favorites, that make occasions like Christmas, weddings and corporate events extra special.

Yes dearies, forget the messy preparations.  You can have your Caviar Pie and eat it too.
You can also have your seasons favorite without the hassle of going to the market, slicing, dicing, cooking and roasting.  I guess your only problem will be what to choose.  The same problem I faced over dinner.

Start off with the salad.  You can order fresh Caesar's dressing and Strawberry Vinaigrette from any of The Plaza's kiosks in the Metro.  I particularly go to SM Megamall but they also have outlets in Petron Dasma and Rockwell.

The Strawberry Vinaigrette is a must try.

The baked ham is something I am well familiar with because I do not eat any other ham but this.
Just check out that crust and the juicy, meaty goodness inside.  Drool worthy.
Every bite will remind you of Christmas and all the good feelings that comes with it.

The ham goes well with The Plaza's own baked pandesal and sauces which you can also purchase separately.  
Jun particularly enjoyed the Wasabi Mayo but his sweet wife (me) gravitated towards the sweet mustard.  

And what's Christmas without a turkey.  Pass off on the lechon this year and go with the healthier, juicier turkey.   We always attempted to roast our own in the past and it always came out dry like cardboard.  Jun was in total heaven when he realized that there is a perfect turkey out there.  
Even the white meat of this bird was juicy and tasty, he wanted to bear hug the chef.

...but he was too busy carving. 
I made Jun a promise to order this next time and not attempt to be the chef that I'm not.

You can order the turkey together with all the good stuff that comes with it:
Cranberry Sauce: P275
Pork and Bread Stuffing: P600 / kilo
Chestnut Stuffing: P750 / kilo
Apple, Prune and Chestnut Stuffing: P1200 / kilo
Apple and Walnut Stuffing: P1800 / kilo

The Plaza's Boiled Corned Beef
The Plaza's Roast Corned Beef

You will forget everything that you know about corned beef when you try these soft, melt in your mouth goodness.  I am just thanking my lucky stars that I'm not a vegetarian at this point.

Take note that The Plaza is not only known for their signature meats.  This Smoked Tanguigue is actually also very popular with its patrons and I completely know (and tasted) why.  It was very flavorful without being too salty.  I enjoyed it even more with the dill-mustard sauce and the salad---that I even brought some home. 

Before I would always equate The Plaza with just their tried and tested I am completely confused on what my ultimate favorite is.  I just (ok brace for it) LOVE everything. 

Just check out my beautiful plate with everything on it.

Thank you very much to Tita Millie and Karla Reyes for graciously inviting us to your home for this memorable dinner.  Even before meeting you, we have enjoyed everything about your food.  Let's do the bus food trip soon.

The last group to leave.  We had such an awesome chit-chat we forgot about the time.  Thank you for having us.  May your Christmas and every month of the year be filled with orders---and LOVE!

GF, BJS Compound, 1869 P. Domingo Street, 1207 Makati
For catering Inquiries and Food to Go
Tel No : 890-8446 / 729 0001

  • G/F SM Mega Mall Bldg A, Mandaluyong City
  • Petron Square Dasmarinas Edsa Cor. Arnaiz Ave., Makati
  • 4/f Rustans Makati Home Department
  • Rockwell Powerplant Cinema Snackbar (for sandwiches)

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