Thursday, September 11, 2014

Halo - Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and it is already bringing out the Monster Mommy in me.

Dear Ate Charo,  my love for costume dressing all started 15 years ago when my mom couldn’t find me a saya for a Filipiniana themed Christmas  party I had to attend.  All the girls had their SONA inspired garbs ready and hanging in our office and I had nothing.

So I grabbed our native table runner, wrapped it around my waist, put some accessories, a palayok on my head and viola!  Instant Igorot. 

I went home with tears rolling down my cheeks as I held on to the P5k best costume prize.   No I wasn’t crying because I was happy, it was that time I realized I forgot to put on a top! Kya pala ako nanalo kasi kinarir ko ang pagiging Igorot.