Saturday, September 13, 2014

AZURE love

Warning : Picture overload ahead

It all started one day when we stayed overnight and went swimming in Vivere hotel Alabang.

A girl approached us to say we can only swim for a few more minutes since they were shooting for the hotel's merchandising materials and needed to close the pool area.

A few more minutes she decided to change her mind and instead asked if it was ok if she can shoot us while swimming and feature our family.  We did not mind at all because it just meant we can swim some more.  (Actually I was thinking more like---do I still have some time to put makeup and brush my hair at least??? Unfortunately there was no time for that.  They started taking pictures of my gusgusin, never to be made public swimming look).

 The free drinks they sent our room was more than enough thank you.  We were not expecting anything really and just forgot all about it.

A few weeks after my bare, makeup free face made its public debut.  I was already getting calls.  They saw us on a billboard in Alabang and some leaflets for Vivere's mother's day event.  Aaaack---I was like--"there goes my social life!"    Secretly tho I was quite kilig.  I always wanted to be in a billboard.

Unfortunately I was not able to take a pic of the billboard because it was at the intersection of a busy street.
But I was able to get a lot of leaflets :)