Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hot Momma Makeover

Growing up I was painfully ugly even my mom could not say I was pretty.
Thank God for innocence you just do not care.

The realization on how I was physically challenged led to my discovery of the wonders of glutathione, hair dye, contact lens, fake lashes and aaaaah make-up.

God is also fair.  He gave me the talent of art (I was always the contestant in poster making contests in school) and putting on make-up came natural me.  
So although my talent is natural, my looks are not--wehehehe.  Sometimes too unnatural because the more I have time, the more make-up you will see on my face.  

So kung minsan makapal ang make-up ko, pagpasensyahan nyo na lang po, baka matraffic lang or maaga ako nagising. (So just excuse if my make-up is thick, it just might be the traffic or I started early)