Sunday, October 5, 2014

5 Signs that my yaya has too much time in her hands

You just know your HRO (house relations officer) has too much free time when:

1. She has make-up 24/7...and it gets thicker and thicker.

She will always put makeup where ever we go: birthday parties, baptisms, malls, in church, during reunions, when she buys beer in the nearby sari-sari store, pagnagpapa-load, when she buys veggies in the market, when she goes down to gossip with our building guard---name it, her makeup will always make kabog my makeup. Parlor quality I swear.

(No wonder she takes longer than me to get ready)

Today I realized that she doesn't need to go out to put paint on her face.   We just left them for 3 hours in the house and look what happened to her brows.