Saturday, October 18, 2014

Travel Tips: Planning a Trip to Hong Kong (With Kids)

I am frantically planning our upcoming trip this November to HongKong.  I am extra stressed because this trip will mark a lot of firsts in our lives:

1.  First Time to travel without a yaya (nanny)
2. First out of the country trip of my 2 year old Sky (although she has been to Singapore while inside my tummy but that does not count lol)...and
3. First time for my children to see Disneyland (extra pressure since I overhead Sasha lighting a candle to Papa Jesus and wishing she would see Disney someday--that time I showed her a picture (see lang sabi e) thinking it will be enough but it just made her more eager )

It has been 20 years since I last visited Hong Kong.  That time the "adults" with the money did all the planning and the paying so this feels like a first for me too.

It will be the nth time however that I do all the planning--thinking, budgeting, booking etc  (Jun is like a 3rd kid who just follows my lead).  I remember the last time I felt lazy to plan ahead, we ended up wasting our tickets to Genting.

So with less than a month to go, I made sure I am ready : Read all the tips and blogs on Hong Kong with family, asked friends and relatives for recommendations and booked all that needs to be booked.

I am writing this so I do not forget and to help others who are planning as well.  This is a compilation of the numerous tips I got.  Hope it will be as helpful to other parents as it is to me.

Who are the people in your neighborhood : The Painter

No I'm not referring to the Amorsolo OR the Da Vinci kind...

I am referring to this painter.