Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What do you want to be when you grow up?


When I was little, I just wanted to be:  A showbiz talk show host, a wife/mother and/or a Barbie.
I guess you can be anything you want to be as long as you want it bad enough.

I'm a mommy ...gossiping about my family in my blog---and I have bleached (fake) blonde-blandan hair!  Close enough!

That is why I wanted to guide Sasha in this most important decision this early.

(This morning's conversation)

Me:  So what do you want to be when you grow up?

5 year old Sasha:  I want to be a doctor!

(I do not know why all kids want to be a doctor but never really pursue it when they grow up)

Me: You panic at the sight of blood.  Is it really what you want? Because if you are just saying that because its what everyone wants then I cannot accept it.

Sasha:  A police?

Me:  And be under the sun?

Sasha: A nurse?

Me:  That's just like a doctor only you get paid less!

Sasha: A chef?

Me: You do not even eat anything now...so how would you know if what you cook tastes good!?

Sasha:  Can you just give me choices and I'll think about it?

Me: How about Ms. Universe, a super star celebrity???

Sasha: No way!

Me:  A Pilot?

Sasha:  I'll be too afraid to crash.

Me: Well that will depend on you--you're the one flying the plane. Besides they get paid a lot of money and you can buy as much toys you want.

Sasha : Well ok...

(When I got home from work...)

Sasha : Mom I know already what I want, I want to be an artist.  So I can draw, and paint and mold clay.

Me:  (Bubble thought on her artworks)

...Aaah eh I do not think that's for you.  You will starve!

Sasha:  Ok a pilot...

Me:  You sure?

Sasha:  Maybe I'll just be a mango!  Yes, I'll be a mango when I grow up!!!

Me: Ok, ok , you can be an artist---just marry a prince or a billionaire who will love you forever!

Sasha: Mom, I'm more confused than ever!

Me: Sasha, seriously you can be what you want to be---I just want you to be happy!

Sasha: Weeee?

Me: Huwag lang jeje ok?  HUWAG LANG JEJE!

(Sorry teacher, now you know why  Sasha doesn't have an answer to her homework)


  1. Naku! Bagay nga sila ni Andrei as BFF!!! When he doesn't believe what I'm saying, he also answers with WEH? EEEEW!

    1. Her yaya kasi says Weeeh di nga? It hurts my ears!! I told her its so unclassy her classmates wont talk to her if she says that again! Then sabi nya some of them say it too! Nyaaaaaa