Sunday, May 31, 2015

10 Impulse buys YOU wish YOU never bought

Friends call me the queen of kuring (kuring = cheapskate).  I never took offense because at an early age I knew my priorities are almost always not aligned with most young people.

As classmates and early officemates splurged on signature items and dined in fancy restaurants - I had my eyes set on my own condo, a car, a business, investments and a dream of sending my future kids to only the best schools (Wala pa ako bf noon, gusto ko na bumili ng educational plan).

It was only when a million peso investment on a vehicle i was buying and selling went kaput (na-carnap po) and a portion of my investments were lost because 2 banks of mine closed that I realized how I got old without really enjoying my earnings yet.

So now, if I like, I buy.

This list is a result of that.


1.  This laser and other Skin Gadgets you should just leave to your derma.

Holy smoke, what is that contraption Batman?  

No it's not some kinky gadget.  It is a derma wand , a portable laser that promises to make your pores smaller.
This was the first expensive purchase I bought for myself when I started working -- I got it from some lady who went door to door in the building where I used to work.  When I found out it was being offered in Home TV Shopping at 1/4 the price I paid for I knew I got duped.  

It didn't stop me  from electrocuting my face daily for a year with this though.   Yeah, I'm a sucker for punishment.

But wait there's more...

I also bought this Microdermabrasion kit which I never used as well.

And my own portable diamond peel machine which was so difficult to use that I never attempted to even bother.  (Speaking of, where in the world could that be).

With the money I spent on all these vanity chorva, you would expect that I would at least be as close to flawless as possible -- NOT!  

My pores are laughing at me as I write this.

2.  This Portable Vacuum (and other mall demonstrated items)

When someone is hard selling in the mall avoid him/her  like a plague or you will be like me purchasing one item after another ---thinking wow if they can do it so can I. Wrong!

You will go home wishing you also bought the salesman with you to operate the useless gadget you were duped into buying.

Take note, aside from this vacuum, I also bought the steam iron and the rat / insect repelling electric device that sends off those vibrations that irritate the pests and sends them away.  

Unfortunately the only one left irritated with these useless stuff is me. 

3.  This Threadmill

I only went to the gym before to use the threadmill.  My time is always wasted waiting for my turn so I said, what the heck, I'll buy my own threadmill.

I had the perfect plan, I don't have to go to the gym.  I can run in the comforts of my home while watching my favorite telenobela---in my daster and rubbershoes!  I'm a genius!

But wait, I forgot I lived in a condo and had no space in my bedroom or the living room.
I forgot that when I'm at home and it was choice between using the threadmill (outside my unit) or lying in bed watching tv the latter will always win.

Most of all, I forgot I was intelligent and made this purchase.

At least meron akong mamahaling sampayan.

4.  This Wall lamp

Just like anything in my list, this started with the best of intentions.  I had a huge blank wall that needed some spice.

I ordered this from Cash cash and it never got to me.  I had to followup for almost 6 months.  So imagine my excitement when it came and my disappointment when realized I had nowhere to plug it.
Ang bobo lang talaga.

Ok, it can just be an ornament even if it did not light up as long as it stuck to the wall right? Wrong again.  I bought industrial tapes, epoxy, and hooks but it always fell down over and over and over again.

So now the bear is swinging out of place in my dining area and my wall just looks weird.

5.  This pair...

Me:  Wow, P500.00 I love it!!!!  
Cinderella saleslady:  Yes Ma'am last pair too.
Me:  Thank you lucky stars.

The first time I wore it...

It's Ok i can have Mr. Quickie cure it.  Damage; P150.
After 4 more trips to Mr. Quickie...I gave up on it.  Realized I paid more than the original price already.  What a waste.

This Nafnaf pair is not alone tho.  Say hello to its brothers and sisters... 
More NEW shoes I couldn't / haven't worn because they're just not comfortable...

...ang cute kasi e!

6.   This Inverter Aircon

My electricity has always been between 8k-10k/mo and I only have 1 aircon that is open daily from 10pm - 6am.  I tried all energy saving tips given to me.  Changed all TV sets to LED and my ref to a new energy saving one.

This was the most expensive useless piece of junk.  I really wanted Hitachi but they said my room required 2 HP so they wouldn't install the aircon I purchased without me signing a waiver saying I will not complain if my room was not cool enough.  What the---

I went back to SM Appliance to complain.  And they said I can switch my unit to this Kolin 2HP alternative.  That was one of the worst decisions I made --- ever!

This unit unfortunately was not working from day 1.  We complained a week after and the service crew came with all explanations that only meant it was broken.  So they fixed it,  A week after, it wasn't working again.  Jun called again...same exercise...a week after it was back to being an inverter electric fan.

I guess I gave up on nagging Jun to call again and Jun just opened our carrier window type aircon beside it.  That's what we've been using for 2 years now.

Now the carrier aircon conked up as well.  So we are left with 2 units that  are completely useless.
And nagtitiis kame parepareho sa init.

The worst part:  8k-9k pa din kuryente ko!  Anak naman ng pitongput pitong kuba!

7.  This printer

You can tell it's not being used by the mere sight of the plastic that wraps it.  Jun bought this because he is sick and tired of me ordering him to print stuff in the office next door.

From the very beginning we knew this had no future since it was such a hassle to connect and disconnect.  So when it ran out of ink (printing my useless online discount vouchers--yes yun lang ang piniprint ko)...We never really bothered to buy ink again.  

Jun is back asking our next door office neighbor if he can print again.  I think he prefers doing that than the hassle of buying ink and connecting this ever again.  (Kya plinastic na nya at binaon sa limot).

8.  This Air Fryer

My 2013 Christmas gift to Jun.  He really wanted a deep fryer but his bad cholesterol levels are to the roof.  So I thought I was doing him a favor.

However he only used it once and concluded that food should only be fried with oil---period.
In the beginning we were secretly frying food here and serving it to him but he was also secretly  having yayas re-fry his food.  So useless.

Thinking about it now, I should have just given him a shirt that Christmas.

9.  This Oven

They say misery loves company.  So beside the air fryer is this oven.   
I always had dreams of baking with my kids or making lasagna.  This was my personal compromise over buying a lagermania.  I wanted to see if I can really find the time to cook or to bake as it was not really me.

True to my dreams, I made brownies with my girls the moment I got this.

This appliance has not been used since.

10.  These candles

A sweet smelling room makes me happy.  I remember using the GCs we got for our wedding buying those water swirling air freshener and purifier they use in spas.  When my mom forgot where she kept it, I refused to buy another one again.

 I specially love the scent in the lobby of our office in panorama and TGT (Globe).  Also liking the fresh scent in the new wing of Megamall---hinting to shoppers that you are entering the sosyal section.

I bought a candle in S&R (brand starting in F--i forgot) that made me love scented candles.  However when i went back it was out of stock.  That led me to my endless search for the perfect air frehener for the room.
Yes, I tried 'em all but I always find myself back in S&R asking if they've stocked up on my favorite candle.  It's been almost a year since then and I've lost all hope.

So I went heavy duty and bought this from Mia Mason.  Ah, love the warm cotton scent but it was too expensive for a small bottle (P650 - just in case you forgot, I am still kuripot by heart)

So I went around buying cheaper alternatives (P350-P500) only to be disappointed because I could not smell them at all.

So I am now on my second bottle from Mia Mason.

I still wish I stocked up on the S&R candle I loved originally.  Now I'm stuck with all these useless (scentless) candles gathering dusts at home.

But I am not as heart broken with them as I am with my useless aircon--which is the reason why I am writing this loooong entry. 

At least magagamit ko pa ang kandila sa brownout or sa araw ng patay.


Today I am channeling my energies back to my original dreams.  I wish I can say I will not impulse buy again but I know I'll only be lying.  

Speaking of spending here is a list of sales in the Metro:

plains and prints sale : may 30- june 30, 2015
uniqlo 3rd anniversary sale : may 29 - june 4, 2015
H&M sale : may 15- june 9, 2015
toby's footwear sale: may 15 - june 14, 2015

Wala lang naghahanap lang ng kadamay sa gastos!

Happy Smart Spending.

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