Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tus' the reason to visit the South

 Ok, ok pardon the lengthy intro--- I have been gone for so long (iba na napromote) I've got too much in my mind.  But I will make the come back of all come backs with a restaurant tho far away from home, is now close to my heart.

Tus' the reason to be jolly!

You see, I grew up in LA (lower Antipolo) but lived half my life in Mandaluyong.

So if you are looking for team Campo  you would probably bump into us in:


Shangrila Mall
And of course my not so secret favorite shopping place:

We are megamallers

We also frequent BGC, Greenbelt and Robinsons...(places where we do not spend more than an hour to get to).

We often turn down a trip to the South unless it is a reunion with Jun’s family in Ayala Alabang.

But aside from family get togethers, we also love Vivere (team campo in vivere/azure) for its beautiful rooms and what we believe is the best cream based pasta we have ever tasted.

Chicken, Mushroom and Boursin Pasta P430

Lately too I have discovered the cheese overloaded ensaymada and the new and improved food and service of Acacia which warrants another entry.

This was the reason why team Campo had an unusual road trip to far far away Alabang.  The plan was to swim and have the hubby secretly taste the food I am serving him for his surprise birthday party in Acacia Hotel.

Swim we did but the not so adventurous family ended up eating in our tried and tested The Nest of  Vivere  yet again.

That was until a call that would change our view of the south came.

Sugar and Spice invited my blogger friend Jaz to Tus' Clay Pots and Skillets…people from the South say the food there is awesome...

It was late and we were full.  Our view might be jaded…but the food is AWESOME and the calzone was a must try…yummmm calzoneeeeee…(drool)

Everything in between that time was a blur.

As our love for anything great won out and we found ourselves saying:

Oh Hi Tus’   !  :)

Tus' is found in West Gate...(near Belo Clinic)

And it was great meeting you (finally) Sugar and Spice (Jane-the queen of the south).  I am not worthy!

The reservation was a sweet welcome, we knew this is a place we will return to over and over like home.

But of course we were there for the food.   I swore I would never eat after dinner so I had my mind set to just tasting that famous calzone and the calzone alone...

Eat me meeeeeeeeeee!!!
Calzone good for 4 (P460.00)

However I am always entitled to change my mind.  No will power or promise can keep me from trying the other OHEMGEE GOODNESS  that came one after the other as I waited for someone to slice the giant Calzone.

This was Jun's favorite.

It looks like salad (or nachos) so carnivore Jun ignored it in the beginning.
But when he discovered it was actually a burrito he was like---"this is the best burrito I've ever tasted in my 50 years!" I will make sure I bring my family here!
(Which means yes, we are coming back to Alabang soon.  Thank you Burrito) 

Tus' Wet Burrito (P370.00)

And then this curious cheesy thing comes.. I am biased to anything with cheese so I had my eye on this one from the moment it was served.  I was hoping for more gooey goodness tho. (Like a bowl of thin crust with soupy cheese).  But it was more a perfectly baked bread with cheese topping.  The way a chicken pot pie should be.

Tus' Chicken Pot Pie (P370.00)
The kids' favorite was the Poutine.
Poutine = Fries drenched in gravy and cheese.  Definitely not your fast food fries.  Think french fries with attitude.  It must be really good---as it never reached my end of the table.  Thank you Sasha and Sky for saving mommy from another possible addiction.

Tus' Poutine (P170.00)

Before we attacked the dessert...I finally had my bite of that Calzone.  And one bite led to another and another and another....The picture below definitely did not do this baby justice.  It had the cheesy goodness I was looking for and it was just divine.  I will pay Skyway toll for this.  Our Alabang family will be so sick of us visiting now that we've discovered a new favorite restaurant.

The dessert also did not disappoint.   The Tiramisu reminded me of ice cream cake as it was creamy and chilled to perfection.  It wasn't also too sweet so you can finish a bar easily...(it was good enough to make you forget you've had calzone, pie and burrito just a few minutes before).

And then there was the half baked cookie with vanilla ice cream.  Just like the fries I missed tasting this one.  The diet gods must be smiling...but I will be back with a vengeance.

Tus' half baked cookie with vanilla ice cream (P170.00)

Thank you to the very pretty Chef Krsna and Ms. Maricar for the awesome spread.  Team Campo shall return----with our clan in tow.

 Thank you too Sugar and Spice (Jane) for inviting us.  Team Campo owes this new discovery to you.

...and thank you EricJaz Foodies for always introducing us to new adventures and friends  ---Oh and also for the exterior and interior photos which I grabbed from your always interesting blog.

I hope the south does not get sick of us now that we found more reasons to return.

D1 WestGate Center, Filinvest Corp. 
Alabang Muntinlupa City
Muntinlupa City
(02) 828 3178

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