Sunday, May 31, 2015

10 Impulse buys YOU wish YOU never bought

Friends call me the queen of kuring (kuring = cheapskate).  I never took offense because at an early age I knew my priorities are almost always not aligned with most young people.

As classmates and early officemates splurged on signature items and dined in fancy restaurants - I had my eyes set on my own condo, a car, a business, investments and a dream of sending my future kids to only the best schools (Wala pa ako bf noon, gusto ko na bumili ng educational plan).

It was only when a million peso investment on a vehicle i was buying and selling went kaput (na-carnap po) and a portion of my investments were lost because 2 banks of mine closed that I realized how I got old without really enjoying my earnings yet.

So now, if I like, I buy.

This list is a result of that.


1.  This laser and other Skin Gadgets you should just leave to your derma.