Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mine Me : The OOTD edition

When Sky was born, everyone said she was my exact mini me.  I really did not see why...

Ok, maybe we have the same big teeth...

The same annoying sense of humor...

The same love for shopping...

and sleeping...

and eating.

Ok maybe, just maybe we  emote the same way.

And pose for pictures the same way...

Ok, Fine.  Sky is my mini me.

It is when she started sharing my love for clothes and everything frou frou that I realized my Jr. was born.  Yes, I found my shopping buddy!  Everyday I am amazed at her fashion sense that I decided to collect her #ootd in my instagram.  Here are just some of my favorites:

It all started with this get up.  The romper was a gift from the US.  She paired it with a cardigan and sneakers and voila!  I knew I had a fashionista for a daughter.

For her 3rd birthday she wore this floral dress and matched it with pnk flowers from H&M.

Pink top from Debenhams.  But it's those cute pig ears she wore with it that made this outfit doubly cute.
I do not like this dress but it is my mom's favorite so Sky wears this a lot.  I forgot all about how I did not like the dress when Sky wore it with bunny ears that matched not only her dress but her teeth.

Who would have thought you can match Chucks with a floral neck piece...Sky would.

Attitude can make a P50 top look expensive...

Looking more her age with this hand me down dress from Ate Sasha.
Orange + yellow + green + pink + blue + red = Sky!  

Blazer from Gingersnaps.  I hoard during sales so she's got a lot of stuff from there...
...like this striped top which she matched with mine.
Another matchy matchy Sunday with my girls.  

Thank you Ninang Mayanne for this adorable floral dress from Old Navy.
This dress is from Landmark,..wore it in Baguio--yeah we are literal like that.
For Halloween she came  as Rageddy Anne - another hand me down from Ate Sasha.

Ending it all with a statement shirt she wore in the mall.

Daddy has got more photos of Sky's OOTD since he gets to bring her to school everyday.  There are hits and there are misses but the misses were only because grandma decided to dress her up that day.  It is Sasha who took after grandma :) That would be my next entry as I talk about baduy in our genes.

Follow Sky's OOTD in instagram at #skypieootd  as I will be posting more there regularly.

This is just one out of 4 closets that are bursting with  Sky's clothes...So you know there is more to come.


Even that is a mini me of mine...

For now, let me leave you with love and the happiest of new years from me and mini me!
May this be the start of more entries to come.

Yes, I am back balakubak!

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