Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Momo Miracle

For the first time, I am lost for words.

I've had the title drafted for days but just do not know how to begin.
The same feeling I usually have, every time I start a prayer.  I do not know where to begin and what to specifically ask for.

You see I just found out I was having Momo Twins!


Mo - Monoamniotic
Mo - Monochorionic

Simply put, the twins share the same sac  and the same placenta but have 2 umbilical cords. This kind of pregnancy is rare and happens only in 1% of all pregnancies.

The more I google and read, the more nervous I get.
  • 50% mortality rate for both twins
  • One twin can die as a result of tts (one twin getting all the nutrients).
  • If one dies during the 2nd trimester, the other may suffer from brain damage or die.
  • If both are healthy, mom can be confined on the 26th week for monitoring and the twins can be born at the latest, on the 32nd week.
  • 75% of the time the twins are girls.
  • 100% of the time they are identical
My first ultrasound had the twins at 6w 5days.  Twin B had a very weak heartbeat at 84 beats while the other was normal at 124 beats.
At 84 beats at almost 7 weeks, doctors are positive on a miscarriage.

I was just super in happy shock i'd have twins and said I'll pray for the weak one to be alright . The OB was very straightforward and said, the best case scenario was for the other twin to just die and be absorbed by my body while he/she is still small.  

That did not sound very positive or encouraging specially since upon closer look we saw the little one's heart pumping slowly.  

But all these reading data support the OB's advice.  

How can a mom wish for her baby to die.  Secretly I am guilty of entertaining the thought.

Today I am writing this because I finally know what to ask for in prayer.

I pray for life.

I pray for a miracle  - that by tomorrow's ultrasound twin B's heartbeat will normalize.

I pray for that separating membrane (that is just probably thin at this point that it can't be detected by ultrasound yet).  Yes there is still a chance for my momo to become mo-di .  Still high risk but better chances of survival - 70%!

I pray for God's perfect will.

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