About My Blog

I have been told to start a blog by a number of my friends because my stories are all over the top crazy.  Weird things happen to me and I embrace it.

I did not know where to focus my blog because I wanted to talk about everything and anything interesting but I don't want it all messed up like my closets and makeup kit so I had to plan.

My first blog was supposed to be my tips on how to look  and live awesome while spending less.  If there is a Kuring Queen, that's me :)  I wanted to share my secrets and strategies to shopping , sales and saving but it's just one facet to the overly fabulous person that I am (I think I just puked in my mouth with that last statement)

I noticed tho, that if I am foremost anything, it's the fact that I am a MOM! My Instagram and Facebook accounts are a testament to that ---so ok, fine I'm joining the mom bandwagon of blogs.

To organize my already buhol buhol thoughts, I labelled my categories based on the several "F"s of my life:

Family - Stories about my crazy bunch

Friends - Stories about my crazier bunch

Food - Reviews on restaurants, favorite dishes, anything edible

Fashion - OOTD,  my insatiable addiction to clothes and retail shopping

Finances - Investing, Saving, Spending :)  How to retire rich :)

Fun Stories - Happy moments

Famous - Oh my gosh, I'm so showbiz!

Flicks - Movie reviews

the Feast - My hidden religious side, Sunday Gospels, Inspiring stories, etc

This is my birthday gift to myself as I turn to another F this year.
Some photos may be borrowed but my thoughts and opinions are mine.

We can agree to disagree politely.

 Good vibes only.

Thank you to my kumareng Jaz (of ericjazfoodies.blogspot) for encouraging me and cheering me on.  Also for the free tutorial to blogging.

Thank you too to Elo and Ela Photography for the nice pictures.

Happy Reading  Everyone:)

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