Remember the days of Friendster when your friends will often send you a private message saying: "pa-testimonial naman dyan o!"  That was just hilarious.  But hearing good things said about you just sends that electric good vibes that can make you giddy-- even if you know deep inside people are trying to be nice because they want a better testimonial in return.  Ahhh those were the days.

But a pat on the back, a like, a comment, and most specially words of encouragement (bola or not) are like vitamins.  It gives you that extra boost to continue doing what you are doing because you know you are appreciated for your efforts.

I remember writing my first ever entry About Me where I said, if I can only inspire and help at least 1 person, then this blogging thing (which takes up ---much of my rest time) will already be worth it.

In a few days, my blog will already be turning 1 month old.  But it has already brought me so much vitamins enough to overdose my heart with much appreciation.

I have had almost 1500 views/day in my first entries and about a few hundreds for entries I have shared in Facebook.  My blogger friend said that is good for a beginner specially since my blog is still does not appear in search engines.  IT IS http://gail-og.blogspot.com/

I've also just recently been invited to my first blogging review/event Crisp-on-28th-by-erwan-heusaff  and yes I've had 2 consecutive invitations where I've met such wonderful people who I would not have met otherwise.

Anyway I have saved all the kind words sent my way and decided to put them here so I can go back to reading them over and over whenever I need encouragement or just need a pick me upper for the day.

I will be updating this page every time I get new ones so feel free to drop me a hello.  I will be floored with the first stranger comment I get for sure.

To everyone who has visited, read, commented, smiled, laughed out loud and shared my GLOG thank you!  May the happiness you have given me go back to all you a  hundred folds!

Cece Burgos-Viray I loooove your posts!!! Keep them coming.

Matilda Formoso Love your GloG... It is kinda like my US or People Magazines that I enjoy reading after a tiring day at work. Keep writing Gail and I'm your biggest fan here in New Jersey! 

Julie Guiao Your blog is part info and part comedy and lots of fun to read. Love the 'shopping list' there are a few people I need to kill with kindness myself!!


Mommy Gail

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